May 24, 2014
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Hello everyone of this topic.

So i'm creating a game using the RPG Maker VX Ace software, it's pretty much Final Fantasy/Diablo/Sword Art Online

so a RPG, Rogue-Like, fantasy, turn-based adventure, with a hint of comedy. no perma-death though, but the boss monsters are extremely hard to kill.

Game Synopsis - The object of my game is to beat/complete/clear all 100 floors bosses, while their will be randomized dungeons in there as well. separate from the 100 floors. What you'll be expecting from this is game is to be hack, slashing, shooting arrows/guns, and using holy magic or dark magic to help you clear all 100 floors and randomly generated dungeons along the way. Apart from the hacking and slashing adventure there will be followers to obtain throughout the floors and towns. Collecting all the followers, items, armours, and weapons plus leveling up your character will be key to defeating each of the floor bosses. Although there's some comedy in the game there's always some serious business to get down to if you wanna be able to beat the game. You'll need to think of strategies, and which party members to use to beat the bosses of each floor, the bosses are no ordinary monster they're the boss of the floor for a reason so expect a challenge. If adventuring and killing aren't what you desire then you can work on your cooking and smithing skills unlocking recipes as your level increases. If you don't like playing as some main character you can't choose then why not create your own? You can create your own character at the start of the game so you get to play who you'd want to play as. Don't wanna be a set class someone just spawns you in? Don't worry when you're creating your character you will be able to choose your own class. Don't have enough money to buy a potion or just seem to not find one? Why not make your own with the in-game alchemy system!

Characters, Setting and World Development: Characters = the character you make and the followers you gain along the way. Setting = Your dropped into a world where the only way to beat the game is to beat all 100 floor bosses. World Development = pretty much all sorts of maps ranging from forest, to snow, to lava plus more. Along with randomized dungeons to fill that dungeoneer hole in your heart.

Complete with Randomized Gold/Items and Dungeons, the floors are all originally tiled set by myself, while as the randomized dungeons will be set off on the side for people to explore. Also i have a upgraded battle engine, upgraded Menus, and Character creation with  3 races, 12 classes, and genders. more races and classes to come!

I'm looking to add mining.

so pretty much i was wondering if anyone thought this is a good idea or just simply support my project. let me know in a pm and thank you for reading this.

P.S. i'm not good at scripting, drawing, or making sprites. i'm very new at this and have learned from watching tutorials and grabbing peoples scripts and following their instructions though some of them aren't so friendly to new people who have no idea what scripts are. so any help would be nice. and when i publish this game every persons sprites that i used, or scripts that i used will be given rightful credit.

Blacksmithing Crafting.png  Alchemy Crafting.pngCooking Crafting.png  
Character Creation Screen.pngMenu Screen.pngFloor 1 Boss.png
Get the Demo here: <- the earlier name. Alpha Version

Proper Credits:

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Jan 4, 2015
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Man this looks super cool! I can't wait to see the full game! 

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