Aug 4, 2012
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I have a sideview battle system in my game, but am in need of a few sideview-facing sprites as I convert my enemies from forward-facing battlers. I would like them to look like the VX Ace RTP as much as possible. I do not need a down, left, or up-facing sprite, they will only be used as right-facing enemies.

The first is the RTP large ogre. I had found this, done by Marquise. However, it animates too much and looks kind of janky - the head leaps forward too far, and the big steps it takes draws a lot of attention. I'd actually be OK with a relatively static ogre, just as long as something on it moves so it doesn't stand out as a frozen sprite compared to everything else in the game. Done.

I'm also looking for a large spider. The current enemy looks like this:

I had discovered these spider sprites by Kazzador, but it's not as large as I would like it. I'm not too particular on the exact appearance of the spider (hairy, spindly, whatever), I'm just looking for a large one - perhaps 64x96 or 96x96? Same rule on movement as the ogre - it doesn't need to animate a lot, it just needs to not be a completely motionless sprite.

I could also use a large sandworm-style enemy. The boss is actually two of those, and just using the hue slider bar, I have a red one and a blue one. I like the effect of them only popping partially out of the ground, so that would be preferable. They're supposed to look fairly intimidating, so I think a 96x96 (same as the ogre) would be necessary. Ditto to the other sprites for movement - they don't need to animate much as long as they're not still. Done.

I'm also in need of a lava monster, based on this battler by Thalzon:

Size on that one isn't terribly important. A sludge-like monster would also do if I have the rights to recolor it to look more like lava.

I was also having trouble finding a good sideview mimic sprite. It would need to be a mimic of the RTP red treasure chest. Size is also unimportant on this one. Done.

I also have a plant enemy that is actually 4 enemies in one. The main body is its own battler, then I cut the rest of it up into separate vines that are their own enemy. The default RTP does have a couple plant sprites, like this one: But it's unfortunately too small to properly cut up in the way that I need. I'm looking for a larger (64x64?) plant that has at least 3 vines as part of its body. I can go in and cut them up into layers and create it as 4 sprites on my own, though. Plant sprite taken care of.

If anyone knows of any sprites that already exist that could fulfill my needs, I'd be very happy to hear about it - otherwise, if you have any questions or want to talk about perhaps doing some sort of trade for the work, let me know.
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