Undefined method 'actor' for nil:Class?

Discussion in 'RPG Maker VX Ace' started by Cristiander, Jan 20, 2016.

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    When I start my game I get this error


    I don't understand where this is comming from. It was working fine, then I started adding a couple of scripts and now I can't start my game.

    The scripts I added were from Yanfly, and most of them worked on the cosmetics of my game, no core engine or anything like that. I don't know what to do now.

    Any help is welcomed :)
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    Did you try and continue an existing save?

    Make a new save. It's likely the actors data was messed with by one of the scripts, and broke existing save files. Which scripts did you add?
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    This error message means that either you tried to load an old savefile that was invalidated by one of the added scripts like said above (a lot of scripts need you to start a new game to function properly), or (if that error message happens before the title screen) then one of those scripts has been copied incomplete and is missing the class or module settings (without those lines, the game tries to execute the script before the title screen, and at that time the actors don't exist yet).

    You can follow the link "how to use a script" in my signature to learn more about script use, script configuration and bughunting with scripts.
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  4. Cristiander

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    After some trial and error I found the problem.

    Seems it was this piece of code:

    text =
    "His " +
    "charisma and funny nature are not as " +
    "strong, what with his life now being on" +
    " the line and also not having his" +
    " memories. But he’s positive and " +
    "persistent and in combat can deal severe" +
    " damage or sing in order to afflict " +
    "status effects."
    $game_actors[1].description = text

    This works toghether with Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Status Menu

    Not sure what is the problem but I deleted it and now the game works fine.

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