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May 20, 2015
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Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace

Synopsis: You play as a young wizard in your journey throughout the world, where you explore and solve puzzles trying to obtain the necessary ingredients for creating an artefact that would allow you to save your village. The game includes "choices" which might lead to different outcomes and might unlock you more choices for things you do later in the game. Using magic without care might lead to being imprisoned and sent to court. The plot isn't linear and it's possible for it to go in different ways. Instead of classic levelling up, the player unlocks more abilities through exploring and finding how to use those abilities.

Roles Needed:
  • Level Designer: Someone to help with creating the levels, help making interesting puzzles and also pretty much draw the maps using the RPG Maker Level Editor. [ ]
  • Writer: Need people to help with writting down Dialogues, Lore and information about Characters in several arcs, so that I can implement it in the game faster and without getting lost. [X] [ ] [ ]
  • Artist: I believe I am gonna need help about specific fictional creatures that I want to include. With that I mean that I need both Sprites and Portraits. [ ] [ ]
If you are interested but the roles needed don't match your skills, then don't be afraid to contact me. All help is appreciated.
My Role: I am going to be connecting all the parts, doing the eventing and scripting when necessary.

Setting Information: This is a project I have started out some years earlier. I have already created an introduction for the game, which pretty much allows the player to select a class. It also presents the main goal to the player, which is to head out into the world and collect certain ingredients. Something which gives space for plenty of different arcs, each with their own characters and stories to tell. The information already provided through the introduction is the following:
Thrashlagar: A long time ago, Witches, Wizards and magic itself was driven out from the Realm of Men. Some of the mages that survived, established an encampment within the Plain of Mists. That encampment is "Thrashlagar". Using protective magic and arcane artifacts they are keeping the land safe from the curse of the land and the fog surrounding the area. However, those artifacts are running out of energy.

Plain of Mists:
The plain of mists is a dretched place. It is said that a demon has haunted this place. He is consuming the land through the thick fog surrounding the area.

Spirit Nexus: An area that can be accessed if you have chosen to be a conjurer. Essentially for this game, a conjurer is a person that forms pacts with creatures allowing himself to use their powers and summon them to the outside world. A Conjurer can commune with all the spirits he has pacted with, within the Spirit Nexus. The Spirit Nexus is an place that can be accessed through meditation. It essentially depicts the inner world of Adric and his version of the Dreamland. When he pacts with creatures, he pretty much connects his Dreamland with theirs causing changes in his own Dreamland.

Main Character(Adric): A mage, with a personality that's up to the player to decide, based on the actions he chooses. He can choose from a variety of classes at the beginning of the game (Cryomancer, Pyromancer, Arcanist, Necromancer, Warmage, Conjurer). In addition, he is capable of using his Alchemist Kit, which allows him to brew potions, as well as enchant items or create magic objects- given the necessary ingredients and recipes.
Ysolde: An Arcanist which can be found during the Introduction. She has a crash on Adric. By completing certain conditions during the introduction, the player is given the choice to bring her with him to the Main game. In that way, she can provide some more spells to Adric, while she also gives access to some locations that might have not been available previously.​

Download Link:
The current version of the game can be downloaded from here:

It's pretty much the introduction segment. There are 7 classes available for the player, however, each of them has a specific way that it can be acquired. You can search around and try finding them. In addition to that... there is a hidden object that can be found.
If anyone is interested in participating in this project, just message me!

Project's Site:
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