Unique Transfers (map and battle)

Neon Black

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Mar 17, 2012
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Unique Transfers V1.0

Created by Neon Black

What is it?

This script allows you to modify how transitions work with map transfers and before battles. You can use screen transfers similar to the battle transition for map transfers and you can skip the screen wipe process when changing maps or entering battle like how XP's transitions work. You can also set up random transitions to show by modifying the transition arrays. This script will sort of work plug and play, but it will look no different unless you change the default settings.

How can I use it?

Place this script in your project anywhere above main, import a few new transitions, and you're good to go. The script works without needing to call anything else. Be sure to read and set each value of the config section properly.

What does it work with?

This script does not have a whole lot of methods, however it overwrites the transfer methods used by maps. Subsequently it will not work with scripts that modify these. If you notice any compatibility issues with any other scripts just post the issues here and I'll look into it.

How can I get the code?

Version 1.0 (base script, 7.17.2012) is available from my pastebin account here.

I would like to use this code.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at http://cphouseset.wo...d-terms-of-use/.

Author's Disclaimer:

Day two of my week of scripts! Oh, am I really gonna do that? I wonder if 7 of my scripts are really ready to release. Anyway... much like the Scroll States script from yesterday, this is a fairly simple script (don't worry, I'll get bigger and fancier as the week goes on, with two huge scripts being released at the end). This script started as a snippet someone asked for to remove the black screen from battle transitions, similar to how RPG Maker XP does it's transitions. Since I also wanted to do map transitions, I added those, though they did give me a headache until I figured out how certain things worked. If you need a jump start for transitions, I would recommend getting a few from kamihanmati's site here. He has about 30 on there, just be sure to credit him. As always, enjoy!
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