RMMV Untitled Psychological Horror Prototype

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    Untitled Psychological Horror Prototype

    I`m currently working on an idea I had a couple of weeks ago for a horror game, but first I wanted to make self-contained prototype in which I could test some of the functions and systems I`ve been wanting to add to it.

    What to expect of the current version
    - Bugs and out of place dialog (I ended up using 2 different ways to hide choices before using the plugin by Himeworks. So some of the old one might have issues)
    - Bad writing (currently doing the first pass of re-writing)
    - Bad edited RTP visuals and sounds (Currently only editing some of the walls on the original RTP Tileset to create the right mood)
    - Dragging dialog and exposition (help me trim this <3)
    - Grammar mistakes (fixing as I go)

    Please provide me with any criticism, feedback or idea you may have. I work as an artist in real life, so I`m used to getting, reviewing and applying them! Thanks!


    • 1 - The gameplay mechanic works a bit like a visual novel. Actions, feelings and thoughts will be described in text like in roleplaying games, but instead of the VN-like system it`ll use the usual top-down 2D RPG default gameplay.

      The player will be able to interact with multiple object in different ways. The idea is to simulate the realistic approach people would take in certain situations, rather than simplifying it. Choosing to check out an old bed wont limit you to checking the whole thing at once. Instead you`ll be able to check under it, under the mattress, under the pillow etc. All to make the player want to find different secrets.

      There`ll also be useless actions that will lead the player nowhere in order to simulate this kind of realism. Not everything in real life has to have a meaning.

      2 - The puzzles in the game will also be connected to that core mechanic. Rather than having obvious mini-game ones, the whole scene will be the puzzle, requiring you to analyze and interact your surroundings in order to proceed.

      3 - I would also like to tie this aspect with how the player feels in real life, so instead of trying to aim for vastly different multiple-endings, the project would have a fix one with small, but impacting differences. Your character might reach the end of the game so disturbed by his own actions that he`ll be visibly shaken and his dialog will reflect that.

      4 - The player will be able to create his own basic character. That means picking it`s sex and skin color.


    • The main character of the game is you. He or she will be molded by your actions. Make too many selfish choices and they`ll become desensitized to other people`s suffering. Make some bad and some good decisions and they`ll feel guilty and depressed. Make good ones and people will probably try and take advantage of you.

      I`m still trying to sort this part out as this kind of system adds a lot to the game`s original scope and I`d rather not do it if it`ll end up like just another karma/paragon system.


    • The story of the game is still being written (and re-written), but the plot is quite simple. You`ll wake up with no memories of your own in an unknown post-apocalyptic world that feels slightly familiar to you. The main character meet up with other people who also have no recollection as to how they`ve arrived there as you try to piece things together. As time passes, the new people of this unknown, dark wasteland will settle in, as will you, and your character`s going to have to interact with them in order to progress and gather more information.


    • This is a world much like your own, but instead of being full of life, it`s dead and quiet. No animals or monsters populate it initially. The only ones living and interacting with it are the people who woke up with no memories. Some of them will try and find the truth, some will become frustrated and give up, deciding to settle in instead and try to survive.

      One of the main ideas I had is to have people mutate physically slightly depending on how they lived their lives. The more nefarious ones would look more threatening, while the normal ones would look like your every day joe.

    I currently only have 4 rooms done for this self-contained test, so there isn`t anything to show yet. I`m also still using the original RTP, so the game is currently not visually appealing at all.


    - Himeworks (choice hiding plugin)
    - David Fesliyan (free stock song)
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    Hello! I would love to assist in the writing process in any way I can, whether that be proofreading, trimming long dialog and exposition, or even the dreaded editing process!
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    Its quite a huge file for a short test, you should erase the unused files whenever you upload a demo.

    Now, to the game itself.

    The goods:
    - Ambience is pretty good and so far fitting.
    - You added many explorable things, good for a detective rpg player like me ^-^

    To improve:
    - Change the font, the default font feels a bit cartoonish and off place, consider change it.
    - Make the player/events more dynamic, make them look around during speeches, use the balloons for a more visual expression and consider create custom sprites with more poses for the characters.
    - In the corridor, you can walk through the windows and go out of bounds.

    The bads:
    - The animations feel too "hard", its not difficult to make a corridor closet with a 4 frame charset, the door is even easier.
    - Too short! >.< Kidding, I know its a prototype.

    I'm really looking further in this project, keep it up. :)

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