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Dec 24, 2021
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Update: Edited post to add "Trade". If you can code plugins for me I can exchange my time to help you with your projects! Besides working in MV/MZ & XP, I have very useful skills in image enhancement in gimp and photoshop to make game art pop, and have done thousands of portraits, maps, backgrounds, characters and icons. I am also very resourceful at finding useful tools and applications to speed up work loads. Ask me if i can do something and ill let know if its in my capabilites. Aside from not being a coder, I can probably do it.

Also provided thorough descriptions on needed plug-ins at the bottom. Only need 2 at the moment.


Synopsis: A monster collecting game where you can collect one monster of each species type, sort of like a "safari system". This means actor cloning is currently not necessary, since there are sub 2000 monsters which are already done and in the game. The game uses a front view battle system using portraits, skills are learned through the a skill shop in the main menu where you purchase skills. All skills have custom animations with custom sounds (80% done). The game world uses a parallax map plugin for the map system, and maps are images made from 3d artwork images, and thus arent typical pixel art tiles. Gameplay will feature a normal mode including a story, and more modes may be added in the future. Gameplay is primarily focused on collecting all of the unique monsters and levelling them all. There game uses lots of different stats and lots of equipment slots. There will also be reward systems like medals and a fishing system.

What makes this game stand out is all of the cool monsters you can collet, and the extremely long game-play potential. As a collection focused game, the play time is significantly longer and richer compared to most rpg games which are shorter lived and primarily story based. Once our games story is completed you can continue to collect and level a vast amount of unique monsters, do acheivements, repeat every single boss battle at any time, collect rare items, utitlize the farm system and more!

The story (without revealing too much publicly and trying to stay very vague) will be about a child who is teleported to a world in an alternate universe with a seperate timeline from his home universe. In this new universe, he fights a villain who created a virus that infected the local creature population with gradual memory loss that eventually leads to them having their minds completely controlled by the villain (not zombies or anything creepy, the creatures are more like docile cute creatures like pokemon, that gained special powers from the virus). He created this virus to enslave this population and turn them into living battle weapons. It is found out that he was from a future timeline in the same universe the child is from, and teleported himself to the new universe using future technology. His reason was that he was part of a team of scientists from the future that actually seeded the entire alternate universe into existence, 5000 years from now. He believed he was the god of the creatures they had made, and when he was kicked from the project he created the virus to mutate the local inhabitants into powerful living weapons for the express purpose of taking over his universe. His plot was then to teleport the mutated monsters into the past time the child was from, where he could take over the world in the original universe from the past-timeline, destroying the existence of the government who wanted to arrest him and taking over both worlds in complete tyranny.

I had to be as vague as possible to protect the storyline from being revealed, but the rules wanted a thorough 350 word synopsis, so I included what I could.

Positions/Roles Needed: Javascript Programmer/Plug-In Creators.

Plug-ins we need for our game:

1. A custom Party Storage Plugin. We have over 1500 actors in this game, so we want a system that stores (removes) actor from party when "stored", creates a name entry for them in the "storage menu" while they are stored, then removes that entry once you "withdraw" them. It should not have any limits to how many actors can be stored. When hovering on a "stored actor", it should show the actors portrait in a portrait display on the left.

2. A custom Actor Shop Plugin. We need a plugin that checks all actors in the game, looks at thier notetag for a "shopcategory" & "actorprice" then adds them to the correct category in a custom shop with 8 category tabs. Tab test labels can be set in plugin parameters. Upon purchasing an actor, the shop checks if you have enough gold to buy, if not, it tells you "You don't have enough Bits." If you can afford it, it allows you to purchase the actor, takes the "actorprice" value from your gold value, then adds that actor to your party. If you already have the actor in your party or in your storage system, it should say "You already have this actor." and disallow purchasing.

My Role(s)/Position(s): Project Director, Asset Manager, Gimp Artist, Story Writer, Database Editor, Game Designer.
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Jul 4, 2017
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I can help making RPG Maker MV plugin/script for you.
DM me if you want to know more about me ^^

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