[Usability/Feature] Hot take: no exit button by default is a usability issue worth fixing

Should RPG Maker MZ add an "Exit to Desktop" button (that only shows for nw.js) for the title menu?

  • No, I like it the way it is / or I prefer fixing it via plugins for my own games if I really want to

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  • Yes, this should be in all RPG Maker MZ games by default please

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  • Maybe it would be useful, but I couldn't care less

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Sep 3, 2020
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I know some will disagree with me on this, so I am introducing it as potential hot take: but I think no "Exit To Desktop" button on the title screen by default is a usability issue notable enough to be worth fixing in the core.

Ok, so here is why: this is only less of an issue in practice because games also start up windowed by default, but as soon as they don't (through e.g. a plugin, or changing the package.json, which is very common for game makers to do) it becomes kind of a trap with high confusion potential for players that in particular aren't familiar with other rpg maker games and the magical ALT+F4 combination. What bothers me most is how trivial it'd be to fix too, and that it's a regression from VX Ace: even with web deploy where obviously an exit button would be inoperable, the corescript could just check if it runs in nw.js and otherwise just hide the exit button.

There is also the related issue that if the exit button must be added via plugin, apart from the fact that then many simply won't do it even if their game launches fullscreen compounding to this unnecessarily confusing usability quirk spreading to more actual players, it also means that it'll not be configurable in the Terms > Commands tab even though it is such a basic menu entry like all the others that are found there. This I would consider at least mildly unfortunate on top of things.

As a result, I really think MZ should be updated to 1.) add an "Exit to Desktop" entry to Terms > Commands, and 2.) add a fourth button to Window_TitleCommand in rmmz_window.js by default which shows that text and is present when nw.js is detected, and terminates the game when activated.

But maybe that's just me :kaojoy: just wanted to put it out here as a potential poke for others interested in this odd limitation, and possibly the devs to take another look at this one.

I am very sorry if this thread was posted before, I could find various mentions of this on the forum but not a downright feature request for MZ yet. Please feel happy to delete / not approve this @ mods if this is a duplicate.

The Row

Mar 2, 2016
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Last time I checked rpg maker was made for PC, and the year was 2020, a year where most, if not all consoles, also has an os that runs in the background. So why, why do we still need a plugin to turn of a game? To "exit" the program.
DOS games, back in 1990 had "exit game", so why rpg maker game makers need a special plugin to add such a feature is beyond me.

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