Using a variable to display an Item Icon

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    Im using the Select Item event command to set an item to a variable.
    My question is, can I display the icon of that item only using that variable?
    I could have a bunch of conditional branchs that checks the variable for each possible item and displays the correct icon for it, but that would take forever as the intention is to have multipe items being selected.

    \ii[14] This displays the icon and name of item id 14.
    \v[24] This displays variable 24.
    What I'm looking for, is something that does this:

    Is this possible with eventing without have a long list of conditional branches for each option as I detailed before?
    Thanks for your help!

    I got the system to work by showing a string, but it still doesn't display the variable, only the name of the item. This will suffice for now, but I'm interested to see if Icon's can be done as well.
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