Variable Rates (Have Game Variables changed by a certain rate in the background of your game!)


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Jul 30, 2013
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Variable Rates

Version 1.00

by SumRndmDde

What This Plugin Does:

In the simplest terms possible, it allows you to increase or decrease one or more Variables by a certain value every certain amount of frames.

This Plugin groups everything into "Rates".

Each Rate has a different speed, condition, and Variable(s) it affects.

For example, I could create a Rate:

Variable 1, 2

Speed: 2 per 60 frames

Condition: Switch 2 is ON

And in the background of your game, Variables 1 and 2 will be incremented by 2 every 60 frames when Switch 2 is ON.

How to Use It:

First, install the Plugin.

I would recommend watching the video above to visually get an idea of what is required to set everything up, but here is a simple text explanation:

When you go into the Parameters of the Plugin, you'll find groups of Parameters separated by "Rate #".

This represents the different Rates you can customize.

Here is an example of a list of Parameters:

=== Rate 1 ===
Rate 1 Variables
Rate 1 Speed
Rate 1 Condition
Rate 1 Enabled?

Rate # Variables

Insert a list of Variable IDs separated by commas.

These will be the Variables affected by this Rate.


4, 6, 7

Rate # Speed

Insert a Speed using the format:

X per Y frames

This will set the speed of the rate.

X = the value that is added to the Variables

Y = the frequency (in frames) that X will be added to the Variables


-3 per 3600 frames

Rate # Condition

Insert a JavaScript condition or leave blank to use default.

If the JavaScript condition is true, then the Rate will be active.



Rate # Enabled?

Set this to 'true' or 'false'.

This determines whether the game will start off with this Rate enabled.

If set to 'false', the Rate can be enabled later using the Plugin Command:

VariableRate # Enable

(and of course, replace # with the Rate number)

A Rate will not be active unless it is enabled and its JavaScript condition is true!

Final Example:

=== Rate 1 ===
Rate 1 Variables   4, 6, 7
Rate 1 Speed       -3 per 3600 frames
Rate 1 Condition   $gamePlayer.isDashing()
Rate 1 Enabled     true

This would create a Rate that makes it so Variables 4, 6, and 7 are decreases by 3 every 3600 frames (1 minute) only when the Player is dashing.

There is much more in this Plugin that can be done, but I would recommend watching the video or reading the Help file to find complete details.


You can download it from here:

Terms of Use:

- This Plugin may be used in free or commercial games.

- You are allowed to edit.

- If used in any publicly released game, then "SumRndmDde" must be given credited.

- Would be awesome if you link my YouTube also.

Questions and Answers:

All questions that are asked and answered will be placed in here.

No one has asked any thing yet though. T-T


Version 1.00

 - Took a whole bunch of bytes, mashed them together and created this Plugin.
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Jul 30, 2013
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Let's let this see the front page once. :)

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