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Nov 13, 2017
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Hi everyone!

To keep things simple, I wanna know what is the best Version Control tool to work between two people.

Now I am studying Computer Science, so I am quite familiar with GitHub and Google Drive. However, I don't know which tool would be better for managing the changes the team would make to the database and maps. My question really comes from not knowing how fragile .json database files and other types of RPG Maker system files are.
My problem with each platform is:

Github: Github changes the line break to the format that Linux uses, obviously I'm working in a Windows PC, so I don't know if this change can the affected files. Also, to update the project it is necessary to do a pull of approximately 400 MB.

Drive: I can't get my files back as easily as on GitHub if something happens. This may seem like a small complaint but in development if it happens we could lose months of progress.

I want to know your advice and experiences using a version control tool to make remote modifications to a project, as well as the impact of uploading and downloading data, if they lose / gain information and, in general, learn more about What would be the best option to handle a large project.

Thank you.

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