RMMV Vertically-stacked row combat demo (Playable)


Aug 11, 2020
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My goal was to create a system with a little added tactical depth, without too much unnecessary complexity. So that's what I'm most interested in hearing feedback on: are you able to quickly get a feel for the systems and turn the tide of battle in your favour? Or is it a slog to get used to?

  • This combat system uses a 1-dimensional row system. You can be in the bottom row, the middle row, or the top row.
  • You have 4 action points per turn that you can use for movement (to transfer between the 3 rows) or battle skills.
  • Sword-users can only hit targets on the same row as them, but they've got the muscle to push targets into other rows, or pin them in place.
  • Bow-users benefit from the high ground, gaining a significant bonus to damage and accuracy from being above their targets.
  • Staff-users are your crowd-control specialists--their skills can hit entire rows. But watch out for friendly fire!

The demo takes around 5-10 minutes to experience. There's 1 map with a tutorial battle. Then you exit to a field that has 4 battles with random opponents.

Graphics, music, sounds, animations, etc. are placeholders that will not be used in the final game. The only thing I'll probably keep are the enemy battle sprites (courtesy of Vibrato).

Play in the browser here

(If you'd prefer a downloadable version, let me know and I'll create one.)


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Mar 13, 2012
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This is a very intriguing idea that's very well implemented. There's also a lot of useful information that's communicated in the UI without being too busy.

I really like that you can see the number of action points for each enemy. It was actually a valid tactic to smack the rat, then move off the same row. The rat then had to burn an action to catch up, essentially limiting it to 1 attack per turn.

I'm a little disappointed that the demo does not include a "Its over Anakin. I have the high ground," reference.

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