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Jun 2, 2013
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Basically I want a spell to shake the screen when it hits my actors. All works well except for the screen shake. I have everything set up fine, I know because it will pause for 400 seconds when the boss uses this move. 

The problem I'm having is  with the screen shake effect. Unless I misunderstand the effect its superposed to shake the screen, but its actually not doing anything. Maybe its supposed to shake the picture? I have tried it that way, but when I add the shake effect it doesn't display the picture at all. 

       # Pose for boss's power jolt'

    <action: boss2, reset>

    wait: targets, movement;

    anim: targets, effect;

    wait: animation;

    wait: 100;

    plane: screen, opacity 200, duration 40;

    plane: name 'Actor1_0', duration 60, opacity 200;

    plane: screen, power 20, speed 10, duration 50;

    wait: 400;

    effect: self, targets 100%;


(Note: The wait 400 was for testing the effect)


The Bold blue line is doing nothing. When I take that line out the picture displays correctly. This line was taken directly from victor's user manual.  I have scoured google, variouse forums, and can't find much on this. If anyone can point me in the correct direction I would be very grateful.

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