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Jul 25, 2013
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Yeah, me again. And again I was editing the Scene_Battle windows when I came across it:

Border kindly provided by TheoAllen.
It took me a while to figure out the existence of the Viewports and that I could not move the windows out of them. So, quick search (1, 2, 3). Great, now I know what they are, but there are some points that I do not understand. First, movement. How do I move a specific viewport? For example, the Window_PartyCommand. I did not find where the viewport was created, so I tried to move it inside the initialize with lines like this:

self.ox = value
@info_viewport.oy = value

No way it worked. So I went to look for something about in the help files (F1). It is very well explained how to create a viewport, but nothing - that I have found - about modifying an existing viewport. It is not very relevant to repeat what is there here, but if anyone wants to see the directory is this. Looking for some more, I found this on Spriteset_Battle, lines 27 through 31:

  def create_viewports
    @viewport1 = Viewport.new
    @viewport2 = Viewport.new
    @viewport3 = Viewport.new
    @viewport2.z = 50
    @viewport3.z = 100

No coordinates, just priority (z), that confused me. The topic is already very long, so to summarize: If, when creating a viewport, I can tell exactly where they are, where are the specs of the viewports in Scene_Battle? If all windows use the same viewport, how do I know which one is being used for what? The respective codes of each window do not say anything about.

If it helps, I made some mockups of what I want to do:


I forgot to include it, but to the extreme right the target window will appear with a vertical, item-like list.

Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience again. The local forum is under maintenance, so I'm showing up over here. :(

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