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    Visual Novel Maker Typescript Project​

    As Visual novel is released it's seem to offers a lots to the dev actually a LOTS I was myself a little overwhelmed by the size of the features hiddens below the "easy to use" cover the software use. They have a lots of features and options for the programmer. Which literally can allow to make if you want a rpg features in it.

    Anyway, as this nice. It's mostly made with CoffeeScript which for some of the programmer this not their favorite language. Yes you can use javascript but this sometime hard to look at two language in the same time. And you don't get intellissense or autocomplete which is kinda hard to deal with. Although I can say the manuel is really well documented.

    So I decided to take on this time to create definitions files and maybe a typescript conversion of the visual novel maker code which would allow some nice intelissenses to your code + it's possible to use typescript d.ts file with your javascript files.

    How to install :
    For most of the use it's kind of important to at least understand typescript but the installations is pretty easy.
    So go to your project and open the terminal for type this :
    git clone
    which will download the files to your projects.

    And then you can use "npm install" for install the dependencies for the development.

    License :
    It's under the MIT License and can be used freely as long you don't go saying that you are the one who created the defintions files.

    Contributions? :
    You are perfectly allowed to help for the project by using pull request to the repository. Although be aware that they have to be consistency toward the writings.

    The current class in working is the CONSTANTS and Engine Classes

    Disclaimer : It's important to take in considerations that this project is under dev and is not yet ready to be fully use in a production.
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    Great work!!!!
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    Thumbs up for this!

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