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Dec 21, 2017
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Assuming the role of a male high school student in Japan, the player will meet, interact with, and date a number of vocaloid with the goal of winding up with one of them.
It takes time before the game really starts, but I really want to tell the whole story.
It's a visual novel, a little exaggerated sometimes. It's a fan-made.
I work alone on the project, so it takes time to draw each person.

You play as a boy who meets Hatsune Miku being small, you make a promise but will you hold it?
You meet many vocaloid in history, you will have choices that will change your future,
For any fan of VN and vocaloid, I think that may interest you.
For music, it's mostly vocaloid music, I have some change to make the game more immersive. You are in Japan, son of a very important CEO so you do not have any worries of money, your only problem is your emotional life, you will enter the vocaloid School, a high school that essentially forms vocaloid but not only that, there will be many events during your life in high school, I often do elispse for the moment when nothing happens.
The goal of the hero is to become the number one vocaloid, he wants to become the best, he did a special training to become the best in the critical moment, I call it the Saiko mode, all these are developing and become another man at this moment, he becomes faster and stronger, it's the part an exaggerate of my story, for the rest, I'm inspired by several manga to make my story.

I am the writer, draftsman, the music is Vocaloid music. What I am looking for is someone to help me translate my text.

I have finished drawing soon, I would like help to translate T-T,
I did the game in French and you have to put it in English.
Or correct my mistakes in English, please?
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Realized halfway through drawing this that the female protagonist's party is growing bigger. :guffaw:
oddly enough, at this point... 3 major things have kept me from porting my project to MZ... animations, and that's mainly because they don't match the artstyle of my game. and two... I NEED a YED Sideview Battler like plugin and I have yet to see one. 3rd, I don't have the money for all the stuff I need plugin wise. and I already have it on MV... lol
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