Jun 6, 2016
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Warning: This game swears a bit (no f-bombs though, mostly one character), and there is discussion of fictional religion and fantasy racism against vampires, witches, and demons among characters. If exploring these subjects in a fictional game about making choices is not alright with you, probably don't continue reading this thread.

In Volition, it is not just about the choices you make, but how they affect your party members. Your interactions will shape the plot, and who stays by your side and who doesn't. When not making choices, there are puzzles to solve in the world revolving around Truesight goggles that allow you to see and interact with previously unseen things. Input-based combat that allows for your skill to play a major role in how well you do in combat, as faster and more precise inputs mean more damage. This demo of the first area is set up to showcase the main focuses, which is decision making, combat, and puzzles using Truesight.



  • Aerowin of Bladefall: A captain of the Enchanted Order, Aerowin serves as your sort of typical "hero" archetype. He fights using his holy abilities and defends the land from heretical beings such as witches, vampires, and demons from the Infernal Dimension.
  • Zer: A mysterious being donning heavy armor...what's under it, nobody knows. All that is certain is his lust for battle and despise for the Sorceror Morkhan, which he refuses to explain either of fully.
  • Raven Cross: A witch from the Circle of Starfall, who specializes in pyromancy. Many party members would agree that pyromancy matches her personality very well.
  • Darius Havenbow: A vampire who works as a priest to get by, disguising his magic as holy abilities. Efficient, and seemingly cold, Darius is a valuable healer.

Turmoil spreads across Omnis as extradimensional beings invade amongst the infighting of mortal men. Battles are won and lost on a daily basis by the different clashing factions. As for our heroes, during one of these insignificant battles, wild magic sends our heroes careening into another dimension, the Crystal Dimension to be specific, which is completely separated from the conflict they are caught in. They awaken and must find their way out of this strange place. Puzzles, monsters, and travel negotiations await our heroes in the journey ahead.

This info below is after the demo, and you may want to avoid it for spoiler reasons. I have still refrained from major spoilers, but in case you want a complete surprise.
After returning home, it will be up to you, the player, to declare who the villains are of your story. Is it the Enchanted Order itself hunting heretics? The vampires plaguing the land? How about the rowdy magic users defying god with their powers? Or was it Morkhan, invader of Omnis?

The friends you make along the way, as well as those you lose, will determine your path forward. Their abilities may be valuable to you, and you might keep them around only for their skills. Or, maybe their presence is enough. Nothing is certain, and fate is yours to control. You, the player, are the one who writes the history of Omnis, and only of your own volition.

  • Wake up in a weird place
  • Meet some weird people
  • Fight some weird monsters
  • Do a puzzle
  • Do another puzzle
  • Go camping with your new weirdo buddies (maybe, but it heals your MP & HP so why wouldn't you?)
  • Have travel negotiations with the dude who is in charge
  • Maybe they go well, maybe they don't? Who knows, you're the actual one in charge.
  • Am I at the minimum 350 words yet for the summary?
  • I really don't have more to say about the plot without spoiling it
  • Is this ok to do because I kept the plot pretty dang simple, unlike most RPGs? I keep getting yelled at for minor formatting issues because I'm used to reddit.

  • The general gist of the world setup is that creatures are extradimensional (or extraplanar if you play D&D, I play a lot of it.) and the intersection of their worlds is what we would call "Earth", but is called "Omnis" or "The Crossing" because calling it earth is boring.
  • There are four key factions, and each of the party members belongs to one faction. Aerowin belongs to the Enchanted Order, Raven to the Circle of Starfall/witches in general, Darius to vampires, and Zer to...himself. He corresponds with Morkhan though.
  • After the demo, players will have an opportunity to choose who the villain faction of their story will be, and that villain will also determine which character is a central focus if they are still in the party. Having different combinations of characters will affect what choices are available to the player.

Please note that if a new version has just come out, it may still be uploading. If it is not uploaded yet, please use the "Old Versions" folder, or wait for the new one.

  • Mac v1.0 says "Spark" instead of "Bless" in the tutorial. This does not affect gameplay and will be fixed in the next demo. Windows v1.1 does not have this issue.
  • please god I hope the shingles tile error is fixed, I spent so many hours trying to fix it
  • Change equipment names to be less dumb
  • Change name of Fire II to be less dumb
  • Make Raven's accent consistent
  • Make Darius look less like Adrian Tepes.
  • Custom assets will come after the coding is done in its entirety. The game functioning on a mechanical and narrative level is higher priority than spending many hours creating artwork myself. This will include character portraits at the very least.
  • Fixed Bless temporarily. No longer has a skill challenge.
  • Truesight Goggles timer made less janky
  • Darius combat bug fixed
  • Double attack revised to only attack 2 random enemies once instead of 2 random enemies twice.
  • Magic & Special have been condensed down into "Abilities" and the game uses AP (Ability Points) instead of MP or TP.
  • Tutorial updated to reflect AP change.

If you do play the demo, I would really appreciate it if you leave some specific feedback!
It would help me a lot if you used the linked to Google form because this gives me aggregated information that is easier to sift through on forum threads and allows me to ask specific questions, but whichever method you prefer is perfectly fine.

Download (Windows v1.1, Mac v1.0)
Feedback Form
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