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Oct 18, 2013
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VoltAge:Genesis ver.1 is out now! Available for $1 US; supporters on ******* (see link in the signature) will receive a download code for the game.

"Journeys begin and end; the story does not."

-Old Mareman Proverb

Much of Marema was destroyed by the Empire of Garen decades ago. The radioactive fallout destroyed most of the tropical rainforests and verdant countryside for which Marema was famous, leaving behind only a desert waste known as “The Deadlands”. In the century following the war, the once proud country of Marema has fallen into a slow decline from which it may never recover, with recent efforts at peace with Garen having mixed results. Twenty years after The Reclamation, the people of Marema are beginning to venture out into the Deadlands once more, but tribalism and economic struggles have left the few settlements which remain in a precarious position…meanwhile, the rest of the world continues on as it largely has, indifferent to the struggles of the Mareman people.

Now, just days before the signing of a bill granting land ownership to any brave soul willing to finish what The Reclamation began, two young adventurers prepare to claim their piece of the Deadlands, not realizing that they will soon be swept up in the latest chapter of a struggle that has been playing out for thousands of years; a war for the very future of mankind.

And it remains to be seen if they will survive the Volt Age...
A Dynamic World with a Rich History:

-As you explore the Deadlands you will meet many people who can be convinced to move back to your fledgling town of Pedregal Springs. Once you have made a new friend or joined a faction, continue to check back as you grow in strength. Continue to help them and you could be rewarded with rare gear, discounted items, or even a new party member!

-Learn about the history of Marema, expose the dark secrets of The Reclamation, and uncover a vast struggle between mankind and the gods reaching back thousands of years.

-As you meet new allies and grow in strength, you will be able to interact with the world around you in many new and exciting ways. Pick locks, scrap old machinery, and use tools to take control of your surroundings.


A massive continent, begging to be explored...

A Story You Can Play at Your Own Pace:

-No quests to save the world at Level 5 here! Take your time learning the nuances of the world as you are eased into a story which grows and advances organically. Most towns will continue to offer new challenges long after you first discover them.

-Level grinders rejoice! Currently, new content will continue to unlock until Level 45, with future updates introducing new challenges aimed at parties all the way up to Level 90. Most characters will continue to gain new abilities until the very end of the game, as well.

-Two very different paths await you! Save the world, seek the truth, and fight for what you believe...the choice is yours.


The story begins with two adventurers seeking to claim their piece of the Deadlands...

A Lively and Unique Cast of Characters:

-Some are driven by money, others by personal desires; there are even some who seek to make the Deadlands a safer place. Meet a diverse cast of more than a dozen characters, each with their own reasons for choosing to help (or hinder) the protagonists.

-In addition to their normal abilities, your allies possess passive skills which will let you interact with the environment in new ways or even add unique buffs to the party!


The tech-savvy Nyla is able to locate valuables the party would otherwise miss...

An Experience Like No Other:

-Immerse yourself in an amazing soundtrack featuring works by Aaron Krogh, J.C. Brickston, Darren Curtis, and world-renowned composer Hiroki Kikuta!

-Battle against over 60 unique enemies, ranging from the simple Barrel Sludge to the terrifying Goni, with several hostile factions and nearly a dozen unique human foes to round out the threats your party will face. Face off against massive enemies which challenge your sense of scale: huge dragons, ancient spirits, and (if you're very unlucky) the mighty Bunyip!

-Nearly 400 pieces of gear ranging from swords and shields to sniper rifles and force fields means you can customize your characters to suit your play style. Find a brand of gear that suits your needs, or mix and match to maximize certain stats!


Unleash powerful abilities on deadly foes...

New Updates Already in Progress:

-Every new update will add 15-20 new quests, introducing new characters, advancing existing storylines, and adding new bounties to turn in. Additionally, a new chapter of the "main quest" will become available as well. The first planned update is targeted for late summer/early fall.

-Each update will add more towns, caves, and ruins to explore...all filled with powerful monsters and gear to upgrade your party.


Each new update advances the main quest while opening new story lines...


Created using the RPGMaker MV engine. Available via
Or, receive a free download code when you sign up as a supporter on *******: https://www.*******.com/GoldenFish

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