FREE VX ace: I need sprite artists for a rogue-lite game.


Sep 15, 2020
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- Engine: Rpgmaker vx ace...

- Synopsis: The game name is still something I am deciding...right now it's called "Mole Story" but it may's a roguelite rpg, where you explore the world in search of materials to upgrade your equipement, increase your skills with a JP system and find out about the history of the land....the game will consist of randomly generated maps, as your progress you will unlock new and more difficult areas...kinda like levels where you need to go trough to progress...

- Positions/Roles Needed: Mostly I need sprite artists to make characters, enemies and some battle animations...MAYBE I'll need some battlers to...but that is a big maybe....I would be happy if you could do just sprites and battle animations =)

- My Role(s)/Position(s): I am doing pretty much everything else....from scripts, to lvl desgin to story....but I am always open to hearing suggestions =)

- Skill Trade: I can definitely hekp in your project maps and stuff...

-Characters, Setting and World Development: Like a said it's a roguelite game, you play as a a underground mole society (we live in a mole society yaaay) you discover the world you will explore more and more of the surface and discover some new things about the world, since the mole people has never left the underground...

Well...that's it...I hope we can have fun and learn together....thanks for your atention =)

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