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Nov 21, 2018
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Hello! First time posting my own thread.

So, I need a message box to display on player touch while the player is free to move around.

I've tried eventing this myself, (using \| to extend the time it is displayed and \^ to clear the text on its own) but the player was not able to move until the text was cleared.

I searched around old threads, and came across a recommendation of Yanfly's Gab Window. I was able to get it working with one catch: The text would display, and the player had free movement, but I couldn't get the window to appear again if the player had walked over it again. I think the script is programmed to automatically erase itself?

I'm fairly certain this has something to do with it:

TL;DR: How do I use the "clear gab" function? Or is there a way I can event this without a script?


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Oct 23, 2017
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Hmm... I've heard of this before but I think you will need a script for it, unless you only want the "character" or "player" to move where it would go to.

Example: Character A will move till he got near Character B or Character will move from the door to the window.

Edit: For the gab window, you said that you can't get it to appear once more when the player walks over it again?

The gab window will only disappear once you call a script "clear_gab".
Though, I think you will need to put a timing or it won't appear.

Also, you might have put a self-switch, that might be the reason why the event for the gab window to appear doesn't work.

Ah, by the way... I haven't used "player touch" when using gab window script yet.
I always put it on parallel process...
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