Dec 4, 2014
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Hi everyone!

I'm looking for artists who are interested in creating facesets/spritesets + 1 battler (see below). You can do these separately and for one character so there's no obligation that you have to do both. Any help is greatly appreciated as I am pretty crummy with art/digital art.

o My planned game combines RPG style gaming with visual novel aspects (the latter which I will most likely ignore for now if there's no interest). Think of games like Avalon Code.

o My game has a theme of a "woodland wonderland" type story. I am planning to call it "A Forest Fairytale." So, for art styles, what is preferred is a "natural" art style. But, "lush" styles like Ayami Kojima/Kouyu Shurei or "anime" styles like Tetsuya Nomura are good too.

o For the face sets, it would be good if there were 8 "emotions". It's fine if they've simply been edited a bit to look different (in fact it's preferable). The emotions vary between the characters mentioned.

o Synopsis of the game: The magical lands of Hectare are under threat by the roaring technology of the country of Tiefe. While the inhabitants of Hectare are resigned to their fate, Sylvia is determined to keep the tranquility of Hectare's green fields. To do this, she must first enter the deep dark forest, Cedar, to grasp the ancient power which lies within a neglected temple.

Characters -

o Sylvia (face and/or sprite set)

-Species: human

-Gender: female

-Job: Mage

-Appearance: light tan skin, long dark brown finger waves with straight across fringe (look up 'mori girl hairstyles'), large brown eyes and long lashes, round face with rosy cheeks. Wearing a brown crocheted poncho over a long maxi dress (search 'mori girl style'). Carries a wooden staff with her.

-Personality description (this is supposed to be a prompt I guess): a happy-go-lucky girl with wanderlust in her veins. Enjoys reading and learning, is connected strongly to the natural world. She is determined and has a strong sense of duty.

-Expressions: normal, serious, determined, happy, embarrassed, angry, soft/lovey dovey, annoyed

o Fáelán (face and/or sprite set)

-Species: elf

-Gender: male

-Job: archer

-Appearance: appears quite feminine, pale skin with freckles, long auburn hair, slim green eyes, oval face, high cheekbones. Wears a long sleeved tunic with trousers and flat shoes. Carries a bow and a quiver of arrows.

-Personality description: A surprisingly friendly guy from a haughty background.

-Expressions: normal, serious, determined, happy, embarrassed, angry, soft/lovey dovey, annoyed

o Akrisios (face and/or sprite set)

-Species: half human, half spider. (Not sorry about this, at all.)

-Gender: male

-Job: mage

-Appearance: think cutesy gijinka!spider. Carries a staff (in one of his eight arms) Go with whatever.

-Personality description: Shy and easily terrified.

-Expressions: normal, serious, determined, happy, embarrassed, angry, soft/lovey dovey, annoyed

o Eldin (face and/or sprite set)

-Species: werewolf

-Gender: male

-Job: thief

-Appearance: dark hair that ends at the jawline, pointed dog ears, wears a dog collar or dog tag.

-Personality description:

-Expressions: normal, serious, determined, happy, embarrassed, angry, soft/lovey dovey, annoyed

o Dionysus (face and/or sprite set and/or battler)

-Species: minor god

-Gender: male

-Job: ....god

-Appearance: has binding tattoos all over his body. Dark tanned skin with green hair. Strong jawline.

-Personality description: a god who loved to party and slowly became disillusioned as fewer and fewer came to worship and party with him ;_;

Expressions: serious, determined, happy, embarrassed, angry, soft/lovey dovey, annoyed, murderous

Also as a matter of housekeeping:

- Contributors are included in the credits (please list specifically the name you want me to include)

- Contributors will also be included in the description post of the game's download page along with links (again, let me know what link you would like to use)

- This is a non-commercial game

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