[VXA] Making a common event party command with Yanfly Battle Command List? (or another script)


May 16, 2014
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So I'm using Battle Command List https://github.com/Archeia/YEARepo/blob/master/Battle/Battle_Command_List.rb

which allows for custom handlers but I cannot figure out how to make custom party commands. For example, Escape is a party command. But I'd also like the ability to do things like change in-battle "settings" and to be able to revive "Mortally-Dead" members using alive members' EXP aka Essence. Let's just skip the explainations for those.

Here are my settings:

class Scene_Battleattr_reader :ess_revive def ess_revive $game_temp.reserve_common_event(70) return endend 
This is my custom command. I also made sure that the problem wasn't just that a common event couldn't be called, by testing and simply having it so that ess_revive turned on a switch, then when I conditional branched to see if the switch was on at the end of the turn after I had selected "revival", the switch was still not on.

#-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # - Party Command Custom Commands - # - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - # For those who use scripts to that may produce unique effects in battle, # use this hash to manage the custom commands for the Party Command Window. # You can disable certain commands or prevent them from appearing by using # switches. If you don't wish to bind them to a switch, set the proper # switch to 0 for it to have no impact. #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- CUSTOM_PARTY_COMMANDS ={ # :command => ["Display Name", EnableSwitch, ShowSwitch, Handler Method], :revival => [ "Revival", 0, 0, :ess_revive], :custom1 => [ "Custom Name", 0, 0, :command_name1], :custom2 => [ "Custom Name", 13, 0, :command_name2], } # Do not remove this. 
    # This array arranges the order of which the commands appear in the Party    # Command window.    PARTY_COMMANDS =[      :fight,      :autobattle,      :party,    # :custom1,      :combatlog,      :revival,    ] # Do not remove this. 
  def make_command_list    for command in YEA::BATTLE_COMMANDS::PARTY_COMMANDS      case command#--      when :revival        add_command("Revival", :ess_revive)#--#If this is not here, selecting revival does nothing and causes the game to freeze. #Well, more it's stuck in some sort of a loop.#When this part /is/ here, selecting revival simply does nothing.      when :fight        add_command(Vocab::fight, :fight)      when :escape        add_command(Vocab::escape, :escape, BattleManager.can_escape?)      when :combatlog        next unless $imported["YEA-CombatLogDisplay"]        add_command(YEA::COMBAT_LOG::COMMAND_NAME, :combatlog)      when :autobattle        next unless $imported["YEA-CommandAutobattle"]        add_autobattle_command      when :party        next unless $imported["YEA-PartySystem"]        next unless $imported["YEA-CommandParty"]        add_party_command      else        process_custom_command(command)      end    end  end 
So that was my attempt. But starting from square 1 with this script or not, or making a new custom script entirely, I'm just not sure how to make a custom party command in battle.
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Nov 4, 2013
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I too would like to know how to create a common event battle command.

Sorry for necro.

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