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May 30, 2015
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StepStory is a JRPG-styled fantasy game that I started work on a bit more than half a year ago. The game uses the DS/FES DLC as a basis for it's graphics, but expands upon this by pulling from other similar styles and my own work. I'm trying to make a game that seems familiar, but enjoyably different. A game which doesn't automatically feel like another rmvxace game. Pulling upon the atmosphere of SNES and R/S/E Poke'mon games for the Gameboy. After toying around with rmvxace for a few years beforehand but never committing to a project, I believe I have a fairly good understanding of the engine and optics to make the best out of this project I've now worked so hard to get rolling.
A few features that I've been working on:
-Original HUD and menu assets.
-Fully animated battle sprites.
-Fully animated overworld sprites. Walking, running, jumping, emotions.
-Weather matters. Affecting stats and triggering events in-battle.
-Story driven/World-building side quest system.
-Use of Enu's Tankentai Battle System. (I know this might put some people off, but don't fret, Not only do I have the full English Translation, but I've already fixed the double mana numbers and invincibility bugs myself while having a good understanding of the script. It's easier than you think.)
Roles/Positions Needed: If you have any creative bone in your body, you're welcome to join. Realizing this was going to be too much work to tackle by myself spurred me to enlist for help here. Anyone who joins will have a say in the project's development and your opinions and voice will be heard.
-A scenario writer that can help get this project together. Writing is my weak spot, and while I have a few ideas and plot points, it's bare bones as of now. This is what I need most at the moment.
-Fellow sprite artist that can work alongside me.
-Teammates to help event story scenes following the script.
-Mapmakers to work alongside me as well.
My Roles/Positions: As for me...
-Lead Dev.
-Lead Artist.
-Lead Eventer.
-Lead Mapper.
-HUD Artist.
-Icons Artist.
If interested at all, please message me personally and we can start a conversation. Thank you for your time.

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