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May 20, 2014
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Warriors of Guardias is a game by "Sir Areis Lionheart" and built on the RPG Maker XP engine:

"In a land ripped apart by the brutal conflict of two warring factions, a young hero rises to end the stalemate and finally bring the decades-old war between the Humans and the Asotroth and Alconverth--what the humans call 'Dolphins'--to a resolution. Shortly after being thrust into the center of a stalemated war, the player is faced with a choice between two factions, with two completely different agendas, all striving to end the war. Will you side with the Humans to destroy the Dolphins and their mysterious leader, Ruby? Or will you side with the Dolphins and take down the corrupt Smith Regime? The choice is yours as the next Warrior of Guardias. Uncover the hidden lore of this ancient land, and unveil a sinister plot and an ancient secret that may have great influence over both factions and dire, conclusive changes to the favor of the war."


~Two branching campaigns decided early on in the adventure pits you up against two completely unique storylines, each divided into a total of five acts, and each with an average of 10 to 20 hours of gameplay value.

~Five potential endings: Two per campaign, as well as one special ending that can only be viewed once certain prerequsities are met.

~A myriad of sidequests to help fellow Guardians, or to advance your chosen faction's goals.

~An achievement system (does not transfer across saves).


The game contains content that may not be suitable for children, including:

~Strong Language

~Sexual Allusions and Crude Humor

~Controversial Content










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Nov 11, 2014
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I'm going to give you a fair warning here.. all my points about this game are negative. If you don't want to read it, don't open the spoiler, and just assume that there are some things that could use changing.

Unchanging character portraits: No individual seemed to use a different portrait based on the emotional value of what they were saying. In fact one of them didn't even look like a portrait at all.. it was like a sprite with a black background... or something

Stilted dialogue: Dialogue seemed like a forced way to explain the plot rather than something interesting to read. Many NPCs had pointless things to say, like whether they liked dolphins or not. They were not flavourful or entertaining. And the pauses.. oh god the pauses.. made me want to shoot myself in the foot. There is even one point where you say that you know that combat is boring but to slog through it...

And they were!: Combat was incredibly boring. The boss fights were nothing more than lots of hp high damage enemies. No stuns, no charge moves. Nothing other than attack/heal repeat until your enemies died. Even the lizard battle that killed me near instantly (more on that), was just more healing. 

Random combats: Random combats are the saddest way to to handle combat, and drive me crazy. Walking somewhere shouldn't be a chore, which leads to the next issue

Giant fricking maps: I'm not asking for hand holding here, but some direction would be nice, but coupled with random combats that meant that wandering astray was a nightmare to find my destination. Even the towns though, took forever to navigate.

Poorly designed events: Speaking of taking forever.. when I killed that dolphin.. you forgot to reset player move speed. I nearly ate my foot making my way to the town exit.. Then the lizards that came for me took way longer than the actual screen to get there. I was stuck for 30 seconds with no idea why my guy wasn't moving, until some green thing appeared and approached me like a turtle navigating through molasis.

Grinding the Stone: I have no idea if this was intentional, but I honestly thought I was supposed to lose that lizard battle because my ass was handed to me in such a grimy paper bag. I guess I was supposed to level for 2 hours in the wastes? Spend my cash on some shop hidden in the nightmarishly large towns? 

No Motivation: I'm not sure why I would save the dolphin, or why I would kill him. There is no motivation for me to take sides, or to have any participation in the war. Are dolphins inherently good or something? Would my father be angry if I didn't? This decision should have come later when there was some motivating factor to choose a side. At the very least there should have been a 'don't get involved' choice.

If the game gets better, sadly I don't have the patience to find out.
Some recommendations:

-Remove random combats and replace them with onscreen enemies, or put some limit on the number you can run into until they stop attacking.

-Scale back your level and gear requirements or dole out more per combat. Grinding on the same enemies loses appeal very fast and is a poor way to increase game length.

-Make combats interesting from the get go. Give some abilities that need to be interrupted, or timed, or guarded.. or something.

-Take out the story dumps and put them on NPCs. Also on that first character (that I guess joins you later?) take out his princess rant. Even if that's one of his character traits to randomly go into diatribes about unrelated topics, make him do it later, and/or make it comical.

-Shrink your maps! Less is more here. More clickables, more interesting NPCs, less fluff.

-Revisit your events and make them run a little smoother. I would rather have that lizard appear from thin air than take 2 minutes to walk to my immobilized character. But you could probably have just made him be standing there from the get go, and chase you down if you tried to walk past him.

-Make me interested from the start. If you find anything boring about the game. Remove it, or change it. 

-Finally.. this might just be my computer.. or something.. but if you have pauses after every dialogue box.. take them out.
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Dec 7, 2013
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The guy above me pretty much covered it all, though just one more tip: try reducing brightness/increasing contrast a little. The basic rmxp tilesets are really bright which is not so great to look at.

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