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Discussion in 'Ideas and Prototypes' started by Ruth Studio, Jun 10, 2018.

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    I want to undertake in creating my first Commercial Game. As I'm bouncing off ideas I wanted to reach out to the RPG Maker community. My hopes are to have it out in January 2019 on sites like Itch.io and Steam. I think it would be an accomplishment to get the game on GoG.com with their standards being higher for RPG Maker Games.

    I also considered Crowdfunding for this game to invest in graphics, music, scripting and editing services to enhance the game and story. But, with or without crowdfunding this game will be completed.

    • Game Mechanics: I want to create an interactive Fiction like 'To the Moon'. There are no levels, leveling up, grinding, equipment or battles. I commented out the HP/MP/TP from the code. At the moment the menu system has an only Save and Options Tab. I'll probably add a Quest Log in later. Again my emphasis is on the story and puzzles.

    • Story: The story is about a Priest named Johanna Lodge. In his youth, he served with a Vampire Eradication group. As he is nearing the end of his life, he starts to reminisce about the sins of his past.
    Men who perform notorious acts state “It was what I was ordered to do”. Can a person ever be forgiven? Do they have the right to be forgiven? Can a person ever make up for what he or she has done in the past? These are the questions Johanna wrestles with each day.

    • Setting and World Development: I wanted to give this game a Gothic feel. High contrast, fog, and Black and White. The music will be that of a Victorian Gothic style to complement the atmosphere.
    Let me know what you think. I've been torn between black and white or color? If you have any suggestions or comments.

    The images below are rough mapping and graphics ideas. They'll definitely be changed over time.

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    The game in black and white can have its charm, it's an idea to test for me.

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