Weapon Armor Sound Effects


May 30, 2015
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Weapon Armor Sound Effects
By DreamX

With notetags, you can change the sound effects for an animation based on the weapon of the attacker and the armor of the target. This is useful for impact sounds. For example, an arrow that hits someone unarmored would sound different than an arrow that hits a stone golem. If you use my utility plugin, Predetermine Results, you can also have sound effects be replaced based on whether the attack misses or is a critical. A sword that is swung but misses would sound different from one that hits something, and an attack with a hammer might sound a lot louder if it was a critical hit. If you use Predetermine Results, make sure to place this plugin below it.

You can also play a sound effect when a battler performs a weapon motion, like swinging their sword or pulling an arrow back.

This plugin requires the use of a json file. Here is an example of what your json should look like. I suggest downloading this and then editing it to your liking. You are basically defining sound file names for weapons and weapon/armor combinations.

You may need to look up proper json editing if you have not used one before. One very important thing that people may often get wrong is the use of commas. The last item in a list must not have a comma, but the others should. You should use the example json as a reference.

By default, the json file goes into the root folder of your project, but you can edit its path and its name in the parameters for the plugin.

This plugin requires Yanfly Battle Engine Core and should be placed below it.

Patch Notes


How To Use

Right click the script link and save as a .js file.

* Important! This plugin requires Yanfly's Battle Engine Core and
* requires the use of a json file.
* The weapon/armor sound effect combinations are defined in a json file. The
* filename and folder are defined by parameters.
* The default is WeaponArmorSoundEffects.json in the root folder.
* It must be configured properly in order for the plugin to work properly.
* When configuring the json, use upper case except with sound effect file names
* (use the same case as the file names for them). You can specify more than
* one file name by separating them with a space. One of them will be chosen
* at random.
* Parameter "SEs to Replace" are the sound effects to replace globally when a
* skill is set to replace sound effects.
* Parameter "Actor Armor Equipment Type ID" is the equipment type ID that is
* tested for actors to decide what sound effect to play when they are hit by an
* animation that is set to replace sound effects. For example, if you were
* using the default equipment types, you could use 4 to use "Body" equipment
* type.
* ---
* Use <replaceSE:1> as a notetag on a skill to enable that skill have its
* animation sound effects replaced. Those sound effects must be configured to
* be replaced either through the parameter or this notetag:
* <SEsToReplace:x y> with letters being the sound effect file names.
* Example: <SEsToReplace:Blow1 Slash1 Fire1>
* There is no limit on how many you can have.
* ---
* Use <SEWeaponType:x> with x being the identifier on an actor, enemy, weapon,
* state or skill.
* It's the weapon type for the json file.
* Example: <SEWeaponType:Sword>
* A skill has the highest priority, then state, then weapon and then the
* database actor/enemy.
* The plugin will only test the first weapon an actor has.
* If there is no <SEWeaponType:x> notetag for the attacker, then it'll be
* considered "NONE" in the json.
* ---
* Use <SEArmorType:x> with x being the identifier on an actor, enemy, armor or
* state.
* It's their armor type for the json file.
* Example: <SEArmorType:Chainmail>
* A state has the highest priority, followed by armor and then the
* database actor/enemy.
* For armors, the armor equip type must be the same as the one configured as a
* parameter.
* If there is no <SEArmorType:x> notetag for the target, then it'll be
* considered "NONE" in the json.
* ---
* If there is no sound file name for a weapon/armor combination, the sound
* effect of the animation from the database will play as normal.
* If you are using my Predetermine Results plugin, you can specify the miss and
* critical sounds in the json file.
* ---
* When a battler with a <SEWeaponType:x> notetag performs a weapon motion, a
* sound effect can be played. This is defined in the json file under "USE"
* The parameter "Play Weapon Use SE" must be true.
* ============================================================================
* Terms Of Use
* ============================================================================
* Free to use and modify for commercial and noncommercial games, with credit.
* ============================================================================
* Credits
* ============================================================================
* DreamX
* Thanks to Iavra for providing load and plugin parameter help.


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