Feb 11, 2015
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Welcome to WeedVentures. It is a game made by Bencraft Productions. WeedVentures is based on the so called "MLG" vidoes around the internet, which goes a lot on loud noises, weed, darude - sandstorm, shrek and a lot lot more! Even though the main goal of the game is to find The Holy Kush (Weed), we do not ENCOURAGE WEED! Do not do drugs! I posted this post earlier, but i posted it on the wrong section, so im trying again, and that was a long time ago, and much have changed with this game!

WeedVentures is about a boy named "The Noob" which finds himself talking to the god of weed, that tells him to find and retrieve the holy kush, because it has been stolen. The Noob takes on this quest and must do a lot of things to get there, he encounters King Snoop Dog, Bub Marley Jr, Dogie the dog, Darude - Sandstorm and many many more!

The game follows the path of a normal RPG, such as spells, quests, dungeons and loot. There are 30 levels, 9 dungeons, many cities, legendary questline, main campaign, sidequests and much much more! It uses sideview combat and humor.

The game is not finished until i get some good feedback from people who have played the game, since i am starting to lose some of the touch to keep on going, but if i get some nice feedback i will continue! There is an download link longer down which will take you to the website of the game, it is totally safe, if you dont believe me run a virus check!  :guffaw: [SIZE=large] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=large]UPDATE: If you want a better experience skip tutorial, it is bad, and i should make a new one thank you!  :p [/SIZE][SIZE=large] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=large]GAME GENRE: [/SIZE][SIZE=large]Action - Fighting and awesome encounters![/SIZE]

[SIZE=large]                           RPG - Quests, levels, dungeons and more![/SIZE]

GAME FLAVOURS: Comedy - Its totally based of MLG videos.

DOWNLOAD: Weedventures


Dungeon: The Fallen Mine.

Level: 1-3

Dungeon Difficulity: Easy

Stages: 1

Bosses: 3

Dungeon quests: 2

There are more dungeons in the game, but only the first one is implemented yet


Name: The Noob (Or whatever you choose to call him)

Level Progression: 1-30

Magic: Can learn all spells

Special Abilitys: Can learn all

Armor: Can wear everything

Hero type: Main character

There are more heroes in the game, but only the main character is implemented yet

Gameplay Trailer


WeedVentures Background.jpg

Weedventures Map.jpg

Weed City.jpg

MLG City.jpg

Illuminati Fortress.jpg




[SIZE=large]Okey i hope you will enjoy the game and have a nice time playing it![/SIZE]

[SIZE=large]-Friendly regards Ben of Bencraft Productions[/SIZE]  BD  
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