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Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by Dragon12, Aug 15, 2014.

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    Hello I am lil bit confusing with my some of questions can some one answer it as yes or no and why

    1-Does someone buy resource pack for me and tranfer it in my account?

    2-Does someone give money(instead of my work)that can i store in this site without having no crdit card or paypal account?

    3-Does there is any site(ot tutor) which help me in rgss3?

    4-Does there is any one who tell me how to make logos?

    no more question Thank You
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    1) You can get someone to 'gift' you a resource pack

    2) I don't think so, but better wait until a more authoritative answer arrives

    3) There's a whole section of the forum about learning rgss3

    4) Depends what program you are using and whether you want to have it animated or not and how simple/complex you want it to be.  There are threads in the Resources Workshop section where people will do it for you, or you can just look to see how people have done it and get ideas that way.
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    1&2) someone can buy gift codes in the forum store, send them to you and you can use them to purchase for yourself.

    3) RGSS is a variant of the Ruby programming language, and because of this you need to search for Ruby-Tutorials and Ruby-Training sites if you want to learn RGSS - there are no special sites dedicated to RGSS learning, even the section on RGSS question here on this forum focuses on the differences when switching from Ruby (after you learned that) to RGSS.

    4) That question depends on what part of the art making process you have problems with, and what kind of logo you want. Are you asking how to use a mouse to create pictures? do you want to know specific programs to do specific forms of logos? Or are you asking from the artistic site, not knowing how to come up with ideas what to place in the pictures?

    I suggest you start with one of the free programs like GIMP, experiment with them a bit and then ask specific questions instead of general.

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