What are your favourite/underrated RPG Maker DLCs?


Oct 15, 2018
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With the Steam Sale on, and much RPG Maker DLC content listed in the sale, I thought I'd ask - What DLCs do you personally rate? Or perhaps, which ones do you feel are underrated?

(asking this in part because there are so many bits of DLC, it might provide a good way to sift through what's there.)

My personal favourites, recently, are...

Modern Day SFX - just has a huge number of extremely useful effects. If you're doing a modern-day game, it's almost a no-brainer due to the sheer amount of stuff.

Twilight Shrine Resource Pack - this one had a negative writeup on Steam; I bought it because it was extremely cheap in a prior sale. The tilesets are fine, if you want to make the specific stuff in the samples (it's quite a narrow range of stuff), but the best thing about this were the other assets, particularly the background sounds. It has a really good anime-esque cicada loop (not the "Evangelion cicadas"; the other one) along with a few other useful bits and pieces. It's not a lot, but it's often on sale for peanuts.

What else is worth looking at?


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Nov 15, 2012
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My favorites:
  • anything Vexed has done (the POP! sets cover most of it)
  • Celianna's work, in particular Ancient Dungeons
  • The DS packs (And FES I guess?)
  • Time Fantasy (more the characters and creatures than the tilesets; which are good but not all time favorite.)
  • Spirits of Nature: Enemy Pack (Is it okay to have a favorite that you don't own? I'll never use it but it's just so pretty!)
  • Pixel Myth (I think I'm allowed to have this on my favorites list)
  • Nightmare Land. The artwork doesn't match anything else, and there isn't a really a variety of locations for this pack, which is why I think it never got much attention, but there is a good amount of art, it has horror and non-horror versions of almost everything, and I personally don't think it's too hard to edit to fit other sets. Best of all the artwork is so very pretty.
  • Old School Retro Halloween. I'm totally biased mentioning this one. It probably would have gotten more attention if I'd been able to keep the naming convention of the sets I was basing the style off of, but apparently that makes Japanese accountants all kinds of confused so Retro it is. Also, Time Fantasy had just come out. Despain had basically abandoned the Old School series in favor of the new style, and I didn't have anything to show that it could still work with Time Fantasy, nor the inclination to remake a finished set into someone else's style. Again. Now I'm fine with it, but at the time I was pretty disappointed at the reception. When I'd started making the thing everyone was so desperate for stuff that matched that it seemed like an easy win. Shows me to chase trends.
  • Any Halloween or horror tiles, really. I suspect people don't realize how often you can use most of the materials no matter the time of year or genre. This isn't just because so many come with ruined and non-ruined versions, but because ruined stuff is so useful. But this is just a guess for the reasons.

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