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    A begginer's introducion:

    First of all, I wan't to inform you that this is my first game I've made this far, so I probably have a lots of mistakes. Also, my first language is latvian, it's possible I have made some prounounced wrong. I have to admit I need some help with this, because it's hasn't been moving foward for months. And I've never used forums, also this might be a problem.

    The plot is a strange one, because it’s based of my dream.


    You (the player) wake up, not remembering anything. Suddenly, there’s a dragon with glasses in front of you. You find out that you’re speechless and everything seems strangely blue. The dragon tells you you’ve lost all of your facial and some body parts, and now it’s your quest to find them, using two circles, an oval and a triangle as replacement of your old eyes, nose, mouth. They are switchable, so you can change your expirences by switching the places of them.

    The puzzle part of this game is for you to puzzle out, how to use those figures and evironoments to find your missing parts, if I think the mechanics out right, I think it would have a great potential at being interesting playing-wise. I’m not so good at explaining my thoughts, so here’s a video with how far I’ve gotten. Also you can download the game to test it out yourself. (There are few places unfinished, and actually there's no objective to finish yet).





    What I'm going to change:

    The art. I drew everything myself (and it's easy to notice it, heh). Biggest problem for me is making good titlesets. Grass and the floor look awkward,not even talking about some animations. 

    The sounds and music. The RTP music is annoying for me. I'd love to make the music myself, so I know what atmosphere I need, but my skills... I don't have any.

    Mechanics. I found out how to do everything I intended without scripts (the only one script removes all the inventory and skill types), but I probably need a simple inventory, which I can't do by myself.


    Galv's Message Busts (scrypt for the character images being bigger);

    Music and sounds from Enterbrain.

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