What is the feature in RPG that instantly makes you interested in trying?

Discussion in 'Game Mechanics Design' started by fish, Nov 17, 2015.

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    For me, branching choices is actually sort of a let down. I don't want to come up to a point, make a choice that defines the path of the story, have no way to change said choice, then get utterly disappointed when I read on the internet that the other choice gave a much more exciting story branch. Furthermore, I'd rather play through the story that the developer wants to tell, and not have him/her customize the story to include endings or arcs they never wanted to include in the first place.

    Story, to me, is what keeps me hooked into the experience. I like an rpg where the main character starts off as the weakest link in the lineup, but eventually outgrows the party due to non-cliche reasons (big no to he was chosen/ he is destined to do so etc). I like a story where each character in the party has a solid reason to be in the party. Give each of them an enticing backstory and a goal to achieve- instahook.

    Likewise, I'm not that interested in the combat system. True, I would like a game where the combat is more than just spamming attack, but if the story is immersive enough, I would overlook the combat.

    This thread should convince you of one thing: you can't please everybody. There will be players who won't like your game simply because your combat may not have been upto the mark, however your story could be so perfect that others would pay you for it. Your approach would depend on what you want the player's focus to be on, and advertise it as such to hook those players interested in the features you incorporated ^_^
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    Gameplay > Rest

    If a game offers some unique battle system, innovative skills or other interesting mechanics (Doesn't have to be all about battles) it usually grabs my attention.

    The other stuff like story, characters, graphics is what keeps me hooked, but the former gets me to try it out in the first place.
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    1. alternative progression mechanics. ex. Saga 2 , Saga Frontier

    2. fluid, customizable characters. ex. Saga 2 , The Elder Scrolls

    3. creative battle system. ex.Saga 2, Warsong

    4. creative equipment and skill system. ex Saga 2, Guild Wars 2
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    Seiken Densetsu 3 for SNES is possibly my favorite RPG because of that trait. They go beyond your party and shows the other characters you didn't choose having their own storylines parallel to yours.

    That said the person creating a game like that has to be very careful and put enough things to catch the player's attention as not everyone likes the idea of having to play the game twice or thrice to see every possibility.
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    i want an rpg where i get to meet people, and help them. and they die, and then other people lives.

    yeah. it's tragic.

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