What job classes would you want in a game?? Make it into the game!!

Discussion in 'Game Mechanics Design' started by ShinGamix, Jun 24, 2015.

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    Trainee class, like the one in Fire Emblem or Ragnarok: A character starts with this job has sluggish base stats, but it has multiple class routes to take, and get a lot stat bonus to become a lot stronger with class changes. Trainee should be useful for people who want to experience freedom in choosing what to be in a more realistic scale. The class can also be useful to characterize a 'rookie' character.

    Other than that, I recommend the 'base 4' classes: Knight, Thief, Wizard, and Cleric. A knight has strong physical power and defense; a thief has speed and accuracy; a wizard can cast magic; a cleric can heal. They are all basic stuff which you can make them something of basic jobs. They are not as cool as other examples, but I don't think a free roaming RPG is complete without them.
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    Master of Rats.

    Some guy got lost in the dungeon and started to have rats as companions. Is mildly insane and spends a lot of time talking to his close friend "Mr Nibbles".

    Can summon rats for aid in battle and has a passive ability gives all adventourers the creeps.

    Actually he's not a bad guy. Just don't let him know about the rats you grinded for Exp.
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    Oh, this seems like a really fun idea *cracks creative RPG muscles*

    Ummm lessee...

    Mana Knights, also known as Mage Killers, focus on drowning out any magical foes they come across.

    Random Special: Mana Siphon - Drain x% of an enemies' mana and silence them for x turns.

    Also, they have the ability to disable elemental resistances, give enemies elemental weaknesses,

    and use elemental shields. Mana Knights can lower enemies magic attack and physical defense because...

    defenseless mages.

    These guys have high magical defense and physical attack, low speed and okay defense.

    Basically, you better hope you're in a magical place with these guys. They're not useless against non-magical enemies, just

    a lot more capability against mages.

    Manipulators have the ability to control and restrain their enemies.

    Now this class is left up to the imagination, I think...

    Specials: ...Make your enemies drown, fall, stab theirself, jump in lava, heal you, and whatever custom skill scripts you have. (l^l)

    They can also manipulate their allies into, for example, believing they're invincible (grant invincibility for x turns).

    These guys have low stats, as they mostly rely on the enemies foolishness and allies' trust.

    A real team player, because without a team, they'd be dead.

    Well... That was a lot more info than I originally planned.
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    obviously a sword master : D !
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    How about a Spectral Warrior? They would use Ghosts/Spirits to fight with Buffs and ATK elements(Possession) or Debuffs and status effects(Curses)
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