When did one of your game blown up/got noticed?


Jun 9, 2020
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Aldorlea puts your game release in their newsletter which is emailed to all in their list, and you are the latest game for a while posted on the page. I also did get 3 people to stream my game on twitch and also got a couple first impression youtubers to stream their first hour or so of the game.

Outside of that all I've done myself is usually once a month I post about the game on discords under the discords that let you promote your game.
Thanks for answering my question :)
This gives me more hope.


Jul 9, 2017
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For us, it was actually taking part in the IGMC that kinda kickstarted things, with our game Quidget getting the first place in the popular category.
And now, just three years later, I can finally live my days as fulltime gamedev (okay, I've been doing it for a while now, but it sounds more dramatic this way haha).

So yeah, my tip would be to take part in a lot of game jams. Hopefully, there will be another IGMC, but in the meantime, jams like the GMTK Game Jam and Extra Credits Jam are huge, too.


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Mar 16, 2012
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Mine was simple.
People want something other than my game.
I put it within the game. So they downloaded the game.

In my case, my first completed game was a demonstration of the capability of my script.
No one would want to play my game that has little content.
No one would use my script unless they know the potential of it.
I mix them both. I created a game based on my script to demonstrate it.
Instead of a sample project, it's a sample game.

However, I also consider it as a game on its own. An actual working game.
So, while they want to know the capability of my script, why not as well as play the game?
And it (un)surprisingly went well in my consideration. Some were willing to LP my game. My target audience was not people outside the RPG Maker developers, but the RPG Maker developers themselves.

The takeaway?
Your game must have a charm for people to have a reason to download it.
And cater to a specific audience.


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Nov 8, 2012
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My game was free, so obviously this technique wouldn't apply to a commercial game, but I'll share it anyways.

My game was split into 9 parts (Prologue and 8 Chapters), which I developed on the fly and updated over the course of about three and a half years. The main download links was on rpgmaker.net, but whenever I updated the game's progress here I would link to that site so majority of the traffic flowed through one page.

Each time I updated the game, it regained relevance for a little while. By the time I got to about Chapter 5, it would get on the site's trending list and would have comparable traffic to games like the Lisa and Oneshot for a couple days. (The 2k3 games, not the VX Ace successors on Steam. I'll never compete with those even for a single day.)

The last major update was about two and a half years ago. That version, according to Mediafire, currently has about 1,300 downloads. I think constantly popping in and out of relevancy helped in the long run. The game's presence on the front page never overstayed it's welcome to those who weren't interested, and it was able to capture the attention of people visiting the site over the course of maybe two years.

So I think I understand why people like Early Access. It's like announcing you're game's release multiple times before it actually releases. That said, it's not something I think should be abused for a commercial game.

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