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Mar 18, 2012
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Hello and welcome to the forums! Many new users are sometimes confused about their posts that have seemingly disappeared. Never fear! It is rare that a post is actually deleted or disappears. Usually, it is in approval queue for a variety reasons. Those reasons could be:

1) You are a new member and it is your first post. To stop spam flooding the forums, we implemented a measure where a new member's first post must be approved. If it is your first post, please wait patiently until a moderator can see it and approve it.

2) You posted in a moderated forum. Some forums require moderator approval.These forums include:
  • Plugin Releases (MZ or MV)
  • Script Releases (all engines using RGSS)
  • All Tutorial boards
  • Completed Games, Commercial Games, Games in Development, and Project Recruitment
  • Classifieds
We require moderation in these forums to make sure that your post is either high quality (tutorials) or contains necessary information for members responding (ex. Project Recruitment).

3) We temporarily unapproved your post. Sometimes there may be an issue with a post in a forum that typically does not require automatic moderation. In the event that something in your post needs to be discussed by moderators, we may temporarily unapprove your post. We usually make effort to notify you of this and in particular, if your post cannot be approved at all.

How can I see my post? Perhaps you are wanting to see your post to make an edit before it has been approved or see if there is some message you need to attend to. We usually try to send a message to you letting you know if it needs to be revised. However, you may be able to find your post by going to your profile and looking at "Latest Activity".

Well, there's no message, why isn't it approved already? In each section needing moderation, the posting rules state that we ask for up to 72 hours for approval. This is because moderators are volunteers and sometimes we are busy with our lives in the real world. Having a variety of moderators living all around the world helps with things like time zones, but sometimes, we're just busy. Sometimes it may take longer than 72 hours if we have to ask you to adjust something and have to wait for your replies.

How can I make sure my post gets approved faster? Every section requiring moderation has pinned rules for posting in that section. The best way to get quick approval is to thoroughly read the posting guidelines for the section you are posting in, and make sure you understand the required elements and have included them in your post.

I've done all that, my post is perfect, it's been 72 hours, and it's still not approved. What now? It's rare, but sometimes it happens, again, because we get busy. If it's been 72 hours and you are sure your post meets all the rules, report your post if you are able to find it to remind us. If you are not able to find it, please feel free to send a moderator message following up on it.
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