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Jan 20, 2022
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Hello everyone,
I am thinking of starting a 2D game project all by myself. I don't expect to make income from it but I will sell it on Steam so it will going to be a very serious project for me. I am currently a last year computer engineering student so I don't have any problem with coding/programming. What I want to know is, can I use RPGMaker(probably MZ) to make a relatively simple game like Binding of Isaac or Hotline Miami ALL BY MYSELF? Originally I looked into GameMaker and Unity but I don't think I can make all the music, character design, assets etc. all by myself. I know 3D modelling and I am good at sound editing but still it will probably take 10 years to make it on these engines. I know that RPGMaker has some pre-built assets, music etc. and has lot's of DLC's that I can purchase but are they enough to make a proper indie title all by myself? Thanks for answering.


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Mar 18, 2012
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Yes, you can make an indie title all by yourself. You will just need to realistically set your project around what assets are available. Music is probably the easier one, there is a lot of material available for free or for purchase.

Art assets might be a bit trickier depending on exactly what you need. But again, even for MZ, there are a lot of free assets made by the community and packs available in the store. And if you take the time to learn to do simple edits, you can take those much further.

Of course, you can always hire someone to help create custom graphics, but those can get expensive really quickly.

Honestly, I'd take some time to explore what's available for free and for sale. Our resource sections are a good place to start and keep in mind that MV and MZ use the same sized/formatted graphics so some of those can be interchangeable. You would just need to keep in mind that to use edits of the default resources, you need to own that engine. So, if you find edits of MV default graphics you want to use in MZ, you'd need to own MV to be able to do that. I hope that makes sense.

And of course there are all the plugins available. I don't know what mechanics might not be default in the titles you mention but take the time to research what plugins are available and how they might help you accomplish the mechanics you need.

And as always advised, it's best when starting out to plan a small project to finish to learn the engine. A lot of times people want to start off with their dream epic 200 hour game not realizing just how much time that will take. Starting with something very small is a good way to learn the engine.

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