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    Due to our increasingly growing store, we've gotten a lot of art to use in RPG Maker. However, due to them being created by third parties, the styles can differ wildly. This topic will explain which graphic packs fit together, and organize it based on if it matches the default RTP or not.

    What is the default RTP?

    The default RTP is the default graphics that come with RPG Maker. In general this means VX and Ace's RTP, but there is a different RTP for each maker. If any graphic pack matches the RTP, it means you can use it in addition with the default graphics of the RPG Maker version specified. Basically you can keep on adding these packs and create a wide variety of maps since all the resources match (style-wise).

    Packs that fit with the default RTP Tiles:

    VX and Ace
    Could possibly be used with MV's RTP with resizing.

    Samurai tiles
    Modern Day Tiles & Modern Shop Add-on
    Futuristic Tiles
    Arabian Nights
    Wild West Tiles Pack
    Evil Castle Tiles
    Sci-fi Tiles
    Fantastic Buildings: Medieval (Could also work with Ancient Dungeons)
    Frontier Works: Horror Interior Tiles
    Fantastic Buildings: Modern (Could also work with Ancient Dungeons)

    Could possibly be used with VX and Ace with resizing

    RPG Maker MV: Essentials Set
    Town of Seasons
    FSM: Town of Beginnings Tiles

    Other tileset packs that don't fit any default RTP:

    The High Fantasy Style
    These resource packs come from the same supplier, and thus they all match each other. They are created from 3D models.

    High Fantasy resource bundle
    High Fantasy resource bundle: The Deep
    High Fantasy resource bundle 2
    High Fantasy Mega Pack (Contains the Deep and Bundle 1 and 2.)
    High Fantasy resource bundle: Main Party pack 1
    High Fantasy resource bundle: Main Party pack 2
    Mythos Horror
    Monster's Legacy

    PV Games 2nd Gen
    These are by the same creator and can be used with the High Fantasy packs, but have higher detail.

    Wild Steam Resource Pack
    Dead or Alive
    PVG Sci-Fi Tiles

    PV Games MV Tiles
    Like the 2nd Gen tiles but made for MV's resolution. Could possibly still be used with High Fantasy and 2nd Gen tiles with some resizing.

    Medieval: Town & Country
    Medieval: Interiors
    Medieval: Town Bundle (Contains Medieval: Town & Country and Interiors)
    Medieval: Warfare
    Medieval: Knights Templar
    Medieval: Dungeons
    Medieval: Bosses

    RPG Maker DS
    These resource packs were created for the DS version of RPG Maker, and ported over to the PC version. It contains some original content. The style is pixel art.

    RPG Maker DS resource pack
    DS+ Resource pack
    RMDS+ Expansion: Retro SciFi

    Old School Modern
    The style is pixel art with a very limited palette and the pixels have been doubled in size for use in VX and Ace, and in some cases tripled for use in MV.

    Old School Modern Tile Pack 1
    Old School Modern 2
    Retro Halloween Tiles

    Themed Tiles Series

    These are similar to Ace's RTP and could arguably be used with it, but the overall style has a softer, more painted look.

    Royal Tiles
    Dungeons & Volcanoes Tile Pack
    Evil Castle Tiles
    Halloween Tiles
    Sci-Fi Tiles
    Winter Wonderland Tiles
    Valentine's Tiles
    Casino Tiles
    Pirate Ship Tiles
    Classic School Tiles
    Futuristic School Tiles
    School Tiles Bundle (Contains Classic and Futuristic School Tile packs)

    POP! Horror
    Pixel art style, double pixel size.

    POP! Horror City
    Pop! Horror City: Character Pack 1
    Pop! Horror City: Character Pack 2
    Pop! Horror City: Character Bundle (Contains character pack 1 and 2 plus bonus art)

    Ancient Dungeons

    Ancient Dungeons: Base Pack
    Ancient Dungeons: Jungle
    Ancient Dungeons: Winter

    Time Fantasy
    Although a more complex style, can be made to work with Old School Modern tiles. Pixel art style, double pixel size.

    Time Fantasy
    Time Fantasy: Monsters
    Time Fantasy: Winter Tiles
    Time Fantasy: Animals
    Time Fantasy: Dwarves vs Elves

    These resource packs all contain different art styles and are unique to its pack.

    Rural Farm Tiles
    Pixel Myth: Germania
    Environments from and Inspired by "Always Sometimes Monsters"
    Nightmare Land Resource Pack

    Character packs:
    These packs contain RTP matching sprites, but may have some other element in different styles that do not match any RTP.

    Frontier Works

    Futuristic Heroes and BGM VX and Ace Version, MV Version

    Official MV Expansions
    These were created by the same people who made MV's RTP and match it completely.

    Japanese Character Generator Expansion 1
    Japanese Character Generator Expansion 2
    Japanese Character Generator Expansion 3

    Katakura Hibiki's Packs

    Fantasy Hero Pack (Sprites match VX and Ace's RTP)
    Dark Hero Character Pack (Sprites match VX and Ace's RTP)
    Lords of Darkness Graphic Pack (Boss sprites do not specifically match any RTP but can be used with VX, Ace, and MV)
    MV Monsters Vol 1 (Boss sprites do not specifically match any RTP but can be used with VX, Ace, and MV)


    Futuristic Characters Pack (Sprites match VX and Ace's RTP)
    RPG Maker MV: Cover Art Characters Pack (Sprites match MV's RTP)
    Bloxitivity Resource Pack (Sprites match MV's RTP.)
    Deathsmiles Character Pack (Contains sprites matching the RTP VX, Ace, and MV)
    Aztec Character Pack (Both sprites and faces match VX and Ace's RTP)

    Other non-tileset packs that don't fit any default RTP:
    These packs don't contain tiles but do contain other art resources.

    Thalzon's Battlers

    Egyptian Math Battlers
    Tarot Battlers

    Tyler Warren RPG Battlers

    These battlers have a colored pencil style.

    Tyler Warren RPG Battlers - 1st 50
    Tyler Warren RPG Battlers - 2nd 50
    Tyler Warren RPG Battlers - 3rd 50
    Tyler Warren Battler Bundle (Contains 1st, 2nd, and 3rd packs.)
    Tyler Warren's RTP Redesign 1
    Tyler Warren's Battlers: 5th 50

    Michael Galefire's Battle Packs

    Sci-Fi Battlebacks
    Sci-Fi Battler Pack
    Sci-Fi Battlers 2

    Michael Rookard's Battle Backs

    Skyforge Battlepack

    Animation Effects

    Animations Collection I: Quintesence
    Animations Collection II: Quantum
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