RMMV Who do you think will make the IGMC top 10?

Discussion in 'Indie Game Maker (IGMC 2017)' started by Frogboy, Nov 30, 2017.

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    My picks are in no particular order: Dear Edwin, The Midnight Train to Nowhere, Star Child, Quidget the Wonderwiener, Once upon a Spirit, Moop and The Golden Pearl.

    Dear Edwin was really interesting, the main character immediately gave me Sherlock Holmes vibe and I loved it. The story was short and sweet and was very well put together.

    The Midnight Train to Nowhere had this really unique style to it and I liked it. The music was amazing and the whole game had really chill feel to it.

    Star Child's story was it's reason why I picked it. The idea was unique to me and I think it was really well made start to finish. Now I don't really like battles in rpg maker games anymore but in this it was well done. The balance was great and I got through all the battles without much of a hassle. The animations were amazing.

    Quidget the Wonderwiener was fun and the jokes in it really hit the spot for me. It was really short but everything in the game was done beautifully and it all fit together perfectly. Also, Beatrize <3

    Once upon a Spirit. this was one of the first games I tried of the whole competition and I remember shouting something like "This is so dayum cute!" With all the little sound effects and graphics and music the game manages to make me want more of this. It's so cute I want more plz!

    Moop was really cute too, and adorable and interesting at the same time. the characters are really simple but it works. Such a good game.

    The Golden Pearl. The Legend of Zelda vibes. So much. I have to say that I'm not that good with these kind of games but I can already see from the very start that this is really well made and it's fun and carefully planned out.
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