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Jun 6, 2015
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I made this character for a fanfic years ago, he evolved into a profile on facebook and some specific forums. He is also used, not as a KH Character, for a book I am working on.I wish for all feedback/criticism. (Both positive and negative)

Inmento was created in the same lab that Diz (Ansem the Wise) used to erase Roxas' memories. However...he was created before Roxas had lost his memories. His DNA is comprised of the three main heroes of the world. Sora, Riku, and Kairi. Diz had created the ultimate warrior for the light that could end Xehanort and Xemnas. His name was Inmento Riku. Diz had named him that so that the boy would never forget...who he truly was. But then something had gone wrong...Inmento began to show signs of corruption and his DNA might not hold together....a tri-strand clone was also just a myth and Diz had achieved it....But after a few weeks the problem fixed itself. So Diz gave him an old black cloak that he had found and told Inmento to join Xemnas and figure out his plans.Inmento quote: "I may be a warrior. I may want vengeance for the death of one close to me...but I am not a real person. Just a clone trying to believe he is real,"


Inmento had begun to find clues that would lead him to Organzation XIII and also how to prove himself to them. But as he was getting close he bumped into a girl. She had blue hair and seemed to also wield the weapon that he too had found just came to him when he needed it most. After talking with her...he discovered her name was Aqua. After she had left to find her friend Terra, Inmento kept travelling and then he did it. He found the leader. Xemnas was his name. After giving Xemnas a phoney backstory Xemnas took the young boy under his wing. Just before the organization had been fully crafted Xemnas had erased the boys memories and made him a warrior of darkness teaching him skills that would make him a very powerful ally and a devastating foe. Xemnas then created the Organization and kept Inmento a secret from them. He was too get information needed on the boy known as "Sora" and to report back. Inmento always assumed he was the real Riku...because Xemnas had told him so. So Inmento began to travel and lock up the worlds as he was searching for the sleeping boy. He found him and gave a chuckle. "He's sleeping....good..maybe now Xemnas can fulfill his plans," But that's when things got weird. The real Riku had shown up in his Organization XIII garbs and tried to fight Inmento to get some information. Riku lost and Inmento disappeared into a portal of darkness.


Aura Shield: Inmento surrounds himself in a barely visible yellow shield that only breaks under repeated attacks or a couple heavy attacks. It is meant to be his ultimate defense...although many foes have been known to use magic that debuffs his shield and either weakens it or makes it useless.Ragnarok: Inmento summons his other keyblades as they swirl around him for a few seconds and then fly towards his foe(s). They all do different attacks and never in a pattern.Sluggish: Inmento dashes at his opponent and while doing so slows down time by 3 seconds and tries to get in a jab a slice and then slashes at their legs as a final resort.Portal: Inmento can open up a portal and send out shadows (Heartless) or dusks (Nobodies) and have them attack his opponent. He can also use them to travel between worlds.Inmento Quote: "Just because you're created by the light and used by the darkness, does not mean you have to accept that you're good or evil.'re just who you are,"


Inmento has a wide variety of magic spells.CureCuraGravigaThundaraFiraBlizara


Inmento has two special attacks that he uses to stun and trap his foes.Seeking the Truth:Inmento gets a dark glow around him and he ascends into the air and then opens up two portals. He throws his keyblade at the opponent to make them stumble backwards into the ground portal which sends them right up to him. He grabs their throat and his eyes go blood red and he seeks out the one piece of information he needs before headbutting them back into the other portal before closing the both of the portals and then descending back to the ground. The bad thing about this attack is that it weakens him to the point of possible unconsciousness.The demon of light:Inmento grows a small pair of black wings and flies into the air. He pulls out his second keyblade and then throws one at the opponent. After the first one is thrown Inmento charges at the enemy and slashes at their chest before grabbing his second keyblade and stabbing it into their foot to pin them to the ground. After that's done he rips it out and kicks them. His wings disappear along with his second keyblade and his health is restored and his wounds healed.

Explaining this warrior of darkness created by the light: 

Why he fights:Inmento had learned one thing throughout his time working with the Organization and with Xemnas. His father, supposedly, was Riku. Well as he was leaving to go find the one man that knew Sora. He saw from a distance what seemed to be Sora using his bare hands to strike down and kill Riku. Inmento was unaware that this was Anti-Sora before it was fused with Sora's body and that Riku wasn't dead. Inmento now wishes to kill Sora for his crime. He now travels to other worlds fighting and defeating stronger foes in order to defeat his "father's" killer. Inmento also knows he needs allies. Once he heard what happened to Roxas he began to search for the blonde and along the way he met a few other people such as "Xion," "Namine" and "Terranort,".Inmento Quote: "Blindfold off. I really do look like Riku now. But some have mistaken me for Replica Riku...I am not that wannabe. I am not here to fight against my friends or to kill random people. I have one goal...and that is vengeance,"

Skills/ Keyblades:  

Sword-Dash (Inmento rushes at you and slows down time by 3 seconds just to slash your legs)Aura-shield (Inmento uses his aura from within to create an invisible shield around himself that can only be broken by a powerful attack.)Ragnarok (Basically Inmento brings out all of his keyblades and they slash his enemy 20 times before disappearing)Heart-filled rage (Inmento summons a horde of different heartless to attack his enemies. He can also use them to scout)Broken Shells (Inmento summons a horde of different nobodies to attack his enemies..or as a distraction to escape)Kyblades:
OblivionBlood-Oblivion (Like the oblivion but a blood red with purple lightning around it instead of blue like the original)Kingdom Key (Who doesn't have this?)Ultima (His is like the original Ultima from KH2...only purple)

Everything else: 

[Edit 1:]Looks:Inmento wears a robe that belonged to an Organization XIII member...(Possibly Ansem/Xemnas). After awhile he found the one his father wore and he used that one instead. He also wears a blindfold, just like his father, not because he can see through it. But because he wishes to be able to fight without his number one main sense. (Sight)[Edit 2:]Although Riku isn't actually his father, Inmento considers Riku to be the closest thing to a father. (Which is a little odd but yeah)

So yeah I know some things are a little bit vague...but this was old and hasn't been edited since around 2013.

I just sort of wanted feedback because I'm thinking of editing him, just so he isn't a KingdomHearts character, and putting him into my game.

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