Mar 17, 2019
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I absolutely love your work, I'm working on something that uses some of your sources along with the other sources within the program. I'll be sure to give you credit for everything because you deserve that and much more. Once I have a solid demo I'll be sure to tag you :)


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Dec 18, 2019
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thanks o w o/

Actually I've been kind of wanting to do icons for awhile o 3 o; but just haven't had time from all the sprite stuff. I do have a question for everyone though, if I do start doing more icons what kind of stuff would you guys like to see o 3 o? I kind of had the idea to just fill in stuff that MV's defaults don't have, or expanding skill icons, but if folks like the nice black background stuff I could try and expand on it for items and more common stuff.

I've been considering doing a patron account for awhile, and one of the things I got to thinking about last night was possibly offering the original sized drawn images I used to make the icons for it. They're roughly 160x160 and get sized down to the 32x32 size. I've also considered offering them in a PSD format so folks can go in and make their own icons or additions. (since PSD files can be fairly universal to most programs) Is that something people would be interested in? I dunno, I figured I'd ask.

anyways here's a little preview of what I've been working on for icons:
i'm looking for food icons and anything transparent! I've got a synthesis mechanic in my project cooking food when making a soup for example not only are my current icon lists repetitive in say meat as i only own 3 icons.. with that, but i lack anything that says ( COMPLETE ) for example bowls, soups dishes. aswell as in the ingredients ! it be nice to see something like that also i love your Armour sets ! very handy ! thank you.

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