Window_Selectables Edit (in YEP_PartySystem) - What did I miss??


Oct 28, 2019
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(I'm not sure where to put this thread, but since the boards say Javascript Support, I decided to put it here)

So I'm trying to change Window_Selectables size across many scenes in many of Yanfly's and my own plugins.

What I want is simple: just size change to adjust with every scene bitmap background.

So far I can change the window size, adjust the selection rectangle size relative to the window size, and make it clickable.

Now the problem is how do I align any GUI inside the window (pictures, text etc.).
Every time I tried to change the alignment, everything got cut and won't be wrapped nicely inside the window.

A particular version of this problem is from the edit of YEP_PartySystem.

Here's a screenshot:

See? the gap between two pink box is too wide. I've tried to fix what so called "rect.x" but it also mess up with the size of selection box (the perpendicular corners). Here's the unedited YEP_PartySystem code I'm trying to edit to adjust that gap:

Window_PartySelect.prototype.drawItem = function(index) {
var actor = $[index]);
var rect = this.itemRect(index);
rect.x += this.textPadding() / 2;
rect.y += this.textPadding() / 2;
rect.width -= this.spacing();
rect.height -= this.textPadding();
if (actor) {
this.drawActor(rect, actor);
} else {

And I realized that this is also the problem case of everything that use graphics in any window inheriting Window_Selectables behavior.

What should I do?

Any help will be appreciated :)

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