Jul 3, 2014
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Not sure how much use this will be to anyone by now, since VXAce is two generations of RM old and there are other windowskin-changing scripts available. But I also don't know whether any of them allow you to globally set a windowskin for specific Scenes in the game.

So this one allows you to do so.

Note: It does not add any functionality to "dynamically" change the windowskin by script call, only to set windowskin for different Scenes (and types of Windows) before the game is loaded.

# ** Windowskin Manager
# Author: Traverse
# Version 1.0 (5/4/2021)
# Terms of Use:
# - Free to use for any commercial/non-commercial project.
# - Free to modify (there's not really much to modify).
# - Credit Traverse if used/modified.
# Instructions:
# Type the name of the windowskin image file you wish to use into the field
# DEFAULT_WINDOWSKIN to use it instead of the RTP's default "window.png".
# Type the name of a Scene object and a windowskin filename into the hash
# Scene_Windowskins to globally set that windowskin for all windows created by
# that Scene.
# Type the name of a Window object and a windowskin filename into the hash
# Window_Windowskins to globally set that windowskin for all windows of that
# specified type created in the game.
# For Scene_Windowskins and Window_Windowskins, the correct syntax is:
#   "name_of_scene_or_window" => "filename_of_windowskin",
# The names must be in quotations, the arrow must not have a space between
# the = and > and there must be a comma at the end (unless it's the last entry in
# the list) otherwise it will crash.
# All windowskin image files must be located inside the Graphics/System folder.
# Sub-folders under Graphics/System can be specified as part of the filename:
#   i.e. "/subfolder/window.png"
# File extensions can be specified, but do not have to be unless you have multiple
# different files with the same name, but different file extensions
# (i.e. "window.png", "window.jpeg").
# Blank strings ("") will be treated as though nothing was specified for the
# field. A string with only spaces (" ") is NOT considered "blank", but there
# shouldn't be any possible filenames that have only spaces.
# !! N.B. !!
# Window_Windowskins will take priority over Scene_Windowskins, which will take
# priority over the DEFAULT_WINDOWSKIN.
# Example: If there was a skin specified for Window_Message AND one specified for
# Scene_Map, the message window on Scene_Map will use the one specified for
# Window_Message instead of Scene_Map.
# Otherwise, if there was nothing specified for Window_Message, the message window
# will use the one specified for Scene_Map (or Scene_Battle, if that was where
# the message window was created).
# If there was nothing specified for Window_Message or the scene it was made in,
# it will then try to use the file specified in DEFAULT_WINDOWSKIN. And if there
# was also nothing specified in DEFAULT_WINDOWSKIN, it will default back to using
# the engine's typical windowskin ("window.png").
# ** WindowskinManager - SCRIPT SETTINGS
module WindowskinManager


  Scene_Windowskins = {
    "Scene_Title" => "",
    "Scene_Battle" => "",
    "Scene_Map" => "",
    # Add more scenes here.

  Window_Windowskins = {
    "Window_Help" => "",
    "Window_Message" => "",
    "Window_SaveFile" => "",
    # Add more windows here.

# ** Window_Base
class Window_Base < Window
  alias_method :winbase_init_traverse_050421, :initialize
  def initialize(x, y, width, height)
    # Call original method.
    winbase_init_traverse_050421(x, y, width, height)
    # New functionality.
    default_windowskin = WindowskinManager::DEFAULT_WINDOWSKIN
    if default_windowskin.is_a?(String) && !default_windowskin.empty?
      self.windowskin = Cache.system(default_windowskin)
    if WindowskinManager::Scene_Windowskins[SceneManager.scene.class.to_s]
      skin = WindowskinManager::Scene_Windowskins[SceneManager.scene.class.to_s]
      self.windowskin = Cache.system(skin) if (skin.is_a?(String) && !skin.empty?)
    if WindowskinManager::Window_Windowskins[self.class.to_s]
      skin = WindowskinManager::Window_Windowskins[self.class.to_s]
      self.windowskin = Cache.system(skin) if (skin.is_a?(String) && !skin.empty?)
# **
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