Jul 30, 2016
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Hello everyone, I'm interested in working on an SRPG and I'm hoping some people are also interested in collaborating. A whole lot of it is work in progress at the moment and I would like help on some of it, writing included. The game I'm currently recruiting for shouldn't be too long though, I'd like to keep it simple story-wise. So what do I have for the story at the moment? Let's see...

My Work for the Story so far

What I currently imagine my story as is this kid stumbling upon some conspiracy secret and get captured by them before escaping and end up having to unravel the mystery in a fantasy adventure because conspiracy plots are just awesome. I'll be flexible with change here, I'm actually hoping we can discuss what plot and characters this game will have. May even turn out completely different from what I have here now, I can't have it too long though, 8 hours of gameplay at most. If you have a good short story idea that suits an SRPG but you need help with gameplay, I think we can benefit each other.

Aim of the Project

I think SRPGs have a lot of potential as a genre and I would like my project to bring out the full of it... eventually. I would like to work on a new style for SRPGs and I'm hoping this game can be the introduction to it and maybe become something bigger in future SRPGs. I might even work on a series but let's just take it one step at a time. This is why the game I want us to work on to be short enough so we don't get lost in the design. If I end up making a series like I mentioned earlier, later installments would probably have more ambitious epic stories but I'd like to know I can handle it first because the gameplay I'm planning will be damn ambitious. We'll still try to make the story for this game nice too of course, because nice is good.

So What is this New Style of SRPGs I keep mentioning?

I have three big inspirations when it comes to SRPGs, Lost Magic(even though that's a Real Time Strategy), Final Fantasy Tactics(Advance?) and Fire Emblem. I think some concepts from each may mix pretty well I'm particularly interested in the variety of spell effects in Lost Magic and would like to take that further and implement them in an SRPG. So that's basically it, this new style of SRPGs will boast in variety of ability effects. For example, something I have yet to see in an SRPG are field effect abilities, like having a fire AoE that burns the target area for a few turns, sure it's in. I have more ideas for variety as well, such as mixing them with trigger effects, we can have abilities that set mines or time bombs on the battlefield. Mix this gameplay with the level design of FFTA's level designs and Fire Emblem's variety of interesting characters and it can be a formula for perfection. I have a whole lot of ideas brainstormed, I'm thinking if this SRPG style is taken far enough, it can even make great competitive PvP up there with the likes of Magic the Gathering, all theoretical stuff though, let's not aim that far just yet.

What I'll need

Good scripting is the most important, we'll be creating an ambitious Strategy RPG that needs to be flexible for all kinds of ability effects. At least more than the Final Fantasy Tactics system, for example, having trigger abilities mean the action phases can't work the same way. Someone with knowledge on RPG Maker VX would also help, whether it be mapping, eventing or databasing, as I had used the engine enough to understand bits, I wouldn't say I'm a pro. Maybe a musician would be nice as original music would make the work seem more legit original. I might be able to go with some sprite maker but if I have an artist for that, it can be a bonus as it's also a nice way to look more original. I would like some team members to discuss the story with, bounce ideas and give feedback on if the plot is good enough. If you're also good at one of the above, even better.


Preferably VX, using the mapping for the battlefields of the game. I just got VX at the moment and I don't think the other engines have much more for our SRPG needs and MV games are a bit slow on my comp for some reason anyway. The one issue then is scripting.

Well, I hope people are interested. I think it would be great if an SRPG like this can be made and if you do as well then please consider it, cheers.

EDIT: Also note, you can make any suggestions of your own in regard to either plot or gameplay. Maybe there's something you'd also like to see in an SRPG, this project isn't just for me after all. This project is about perfecting the genre, maybe it can be about how everyone thinks it should be perfected too.
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