Feb 12, 2014
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A thousand years ago, a portal to hell was opened. From it spewed Corruption – a dark energy which withered anything it touched.

A thousand years ago, the portal was sealed. Around it grew and enchanted forest where time never passed. Inside that forest, locked away from the world, the witches who sealed the portal remain.

A thousand years later, the Corruption is spreading again. But how?
The portal is still sealed. Nothing has changed in the enchanted forest.

There are many legends surrounding the Corruption. Some say the blood of a virgin will cure it, others say burning the bodies of those infected will stop its spread. But the only people who know for sure are the witches who remember fighting it before.

A young guard leaves a Corrupted village to search the forest for these witches of legend. But even if he finds them, will they be able to stop the Corruption? Will they be able to find the source of this new wave of evil? With your help, they just might.


--Winnifred: The protagonist. A thousand years ago she and Belladonna worked to stop an evil witch from opening the gates of hell. The time-stopping effects of the enchanted forest are her doing.

--Belladonna: The best friend. She's the one who actually sealed the portal a thousand years ago. Due to that, she became Corrupted, and should have died or gone mad long ago. The only thing keeping her alive is the fact that no time can pass within the forest. Therefore, she can't leave until a cure is found.

--Mathias: The scientist. He grew up in a small village just outside the enchanted forest, and accidentally wandered in one day while collecting herbs. He would have been eaten by monsters, were it not for the fact that Winnifred and Belladonna happened to be out for a walk. They saved his life, and upon seeing his fascination with the magic of the forest, decided to let him stay (on the condition that he make himself useful around the house). That was three hundred years ago.

--Claude: The token crossdressing lesbian pirate captain. Actually a smuggler, and she prefers the term “freelance treasure hunter.” She fled into the forest once to escape from a rival smuggling gang, and somehow managed to not be eaten by monsters. Since then, she's gotten into the habit of bringing old or magical finds to the manor for identification and possible sale. She also buys potions from Mathias to sell in other towns. They're quite popular in the capitol, actually.

--Gideon: The white knight. He's really a volunteer town guard who didn't manage to make it into the military. He's really more of a healer than a fighter, and harbors an innate talent for healing magic. When his hometown becomes Corrupted, he is the one who takes the crazy longshot of venturing into the forest in search of help from the possibly-mythical witches who are said to maybe live there. What can I say? He's got a lot of faith.

--Victor: The brooding pretty-boy. An ex-sharpshooter turned rogue mercenary. And also monster. How did that happen? Nobody's really sure. It probably has to do with his tragic past, and tragic taste in girlfriends. At any rate, he probably knows more than he's letting on.







– Yami's Battle Symphony combined with Yanfly Battle Engine Ace, Victor's Automatic Battlers (for enemy AI) and a very in-depth skill and equipment system for interesting and lovely battles.

- Galv's Magic Shard system. Spells are linked to fragments of crystal and must be equipped to use. Equipping certain shards next to each other results in special hidden spells!

- Magical weapons cast spells when the Attack command is selected. You don't have to have the spell shard equipped to use it, either. This means more customization for you!

- Spell damage is not purely elemental based. Stone Spear may be Earth element, but it deals physical damage to the enemy based on your MAT and their DEF. Of course, characters with a bonus to Earth have a reduced MP cost to use it.

- Alchemy! Make potions to assist your allies and deadly poisons to destroy your enemies! You can also make battle items such as Molotov Cocktails or Spell Grenades, for even more damage.

- Use some spells and skills in the field to unlock doors, light torches, create bridges and more!

- DS tilesets for a different look. No RTP music!

- Yanfly's System Options means no more holding shift to run. It's a toggle!

- An in-depth party relationship system culminating in six different endings depending on your choices.
- ~*~Romance~*~
Or not. Your decisions make the difference!

- No leveling! No grinding! No unbeatable-until-you're-level-40 bosses! Ever! Progression is made by finding new spell shards and learning new skills, and how to combine them, as well as by upgrading your equipment.

- No random battles. Enemies are always shown on the map, so you can go around if you'd like.

- Enemies that aren't human never drop gold. Instead, they drop things which you can either sell to vendors for gold, or use in Alchemy to make items (which you can also sell to vendors for even more gold).

- Sprites and character portraits. Right now, I'm using RTP sprites and portraits because they were much closer to the types of characters I was going for than what I found in the DS pack. However, I'm looking to commission artists to do custom sprites and facesets that will match the DS style. If you have any recommendations, please let me know.

- The title screen. I'm going to commission a custom one once I have the sprites and facesets taken care of.
Mapping. This is my first effort with RPG Maker, and I'm still getting the hang of making nice maps. Expect a lot of landscape to change between now and the Beta version. Also, expect an actual worldmap instead of instant transfers between towns.

- Battle animations. Hoo boy. These are still very much a work in progress. I started with Victor's Animated Battlers, then discovered there was incompatibility with it and Yanfly Battle Engine Ace. So I'm still in the process of switching over. Everything is working, but it's not all that pretty yet.

- Balancing. I need feedback from all of you on this! Because I'm only one person, and intimately familiar with the spell and skill mechanics, it's hard for me to know how tough the enemies really are.

- THE FONTS. I find this selection to be pretty legible, but my eye's aren't everyone's eyes. Tell me what you think!

- Music. I'm picking the pieces very carefully as I go, and nothing is currently a stand-in piece. So if there's something you feel really clashes with the rest, please let me know so I can fix it!

- The magic system. The physical skills might change, as they're not yet as well developed, but the magic system is here to stay. If you don't like it now, please tell me why (because if it's really broken, of course I'll change it), but chances are you won't like it any better later.

- Not all of the spell shard combo skills are showing up. Actually, none of them that you can get to in the demo are showing up. It's a script compatibility issue, and I'm working on it.

- The script that's supposed to make MP costs change depending on which actor is using a spell isn't actually working at all at the moment. Apparently I am not a Ruby prodigy.

- The way it currently is, once you make the ice bridge, you have to back up and then step on it to cross. Right now, it's a workaround because my platforms script isn't working properly. Please bear with it for the time being.
Door gaps. I need a slightly taller door sprite.
- There seems to be a strange issue with some of the lighting where you have to go into the menu and out before it will show up properly (try it in the dim room in the Gate Tree). Not sure where that's coming from.
Alchemy is only sort of up and running. No recipes left in the demo will cause crashes, but as a result there are only three recipes currently.


Playable through the first (miniature) dungeon. Runs about twenty minutes.

Claude's introduction!
A world map!
A trip to the big city – Marcaster!
New alchemy recipes!
The ability to do odd jobs around town and get paid for it!
A trip to Gideon's farm, and loads of new backstory for him!

Casper Gaming
Victor Sant
V.M. of D.T. (Vlue)
Neon Black

Music and Sound Effects:
Kevin MacLeod (
Benjamin Carr
Darren Curtis

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Apr 2, 2012
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Looks cool. The magic shard system sounds interesting. I'm not sure how I'd like playing a game with no leveling, though. Wouldn't this make battles feel pointless unless they resulted in getting a new shard?


Feb 4, 2014
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First of all, this game is fricking sweet. I love the music and the writing. I personally don't like turn based combat but I think you did it really well.

Alright, let's are the fixes so far with what I played.

The transition after the intro event (dream) could have been a tad longer, just to let everything settle in. In the dream sequence there are several places the player should be able to walk through and cannot and vice versa (so for instance the player can walk through the side of the church door onto the building).

Maybe in the alchemy screen you can show current ingredient amounts so the player can know what they are missing and how much of each ingredient they are missing.

There were several witches and wardrobes, but a notable absence of lions. :)

The corrupted woman (poor Mrs. Hudson) is especially corrupt, because her graphic is a rather uninterested rat, which I believe to be a mistake. (to be clear, her graphic is a giant rat facing the left direction, away from the battle)

Maybe you can be more clear that the player needs to switch to Gideon in order to talk to the priest. I know he says his thing, but its still not perfectly clear, add in parens (press S to switch player). Also, you spelled cleanse wrong, I think, I could be wrong, I was reading fast. In the discussion after the church scene, the word "their" is spelled "thier," easy fix.

My mp randomly restored during battle, I didn't notice why.

Some spells can be used from the menu, I think you didn't intend it, as they don't do anything and use MP.

The ice bridge is a bit unclear to me (maybe remind the player the the 'W' button is what they need to use to do this type of puzzle). Also, I don't really know how I managed to make the ice bridge, the character placement was unclear and I really just mashed buttons and changed positions until I got it to work, this part could be more intuitive.

The puzzle in the forest with the switches I just don't understand, this could be more of a reflection of me than the puzzle, I admit. I just don't get it. I turned all the switches, killed all the blue globs. One torch stand turned green, then I couldn't figure out how to proceed after that ><

All in all, you're game has a really sweet feel and it is well on its way to being an awesome creation. Let me know if you have any questions.



Apr 1, 2014
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Looks interesting.  I'm downloading it now, and I'll let you know how things go.

Warning: I like to think that I'm rather thorough.  Here's what I've found so far:

-In the opening scene, you can move along side of the door of the church.

-If you run around directly behind the church, there are major clipping issues.

-You can walk up the platform inside the church without using the stairs. (The same holds true for Bentonshire.)

-The event with Vivienne can have rather odd placement. (I started the event standing behind the crystal, and ended up faceplanting a wall.  Many odd placement shenanigans ensued afterwards.  I'd imagine it would fix itself when the platform is fixed.)

-It seems you can walk on the bottoms of all beds except for your own.

-You can stand in the middle of the "On Magic" book table.

-Winn's house has the same clipping issues as the church.

-Clipping issue with a small house in Bentonshire. (The one with the chimney-you can walk through it on the upper left side.)

-You can walk through the plants in the Bentonshire Inn and stand on the wall.

-After the event outside the Gate Tree, the party members following started running around with complete disregard for physics.  It was rather amusing.

-Gideon and Bella seem to be unable to equip armor.
I believe I've finished as much of the game as possible now, since I'm now stuck on the world map.  All in all, I'm enjoying myself.  The game has an interesting concept and has quite a bit of potential.  The battle system seems easy enough to use, and aside from not being able to equip a couple party members, the difficulty is about what I would expect for an RPG intro.  The only thing I was left guessing with was the Gate Tree puzzle, but it didn't take long to brute force it.  A bit of clarity with the puzzle would help, but is not really required.  Feel free to contact me if you need any more info.
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Dangerously Nifty
Dec 20, 2013
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Played through a couple of times, and here's some issues I ran into, excluding those mentioned above.

*Music in opening scene doesn't loop correctly. It ends, and then there's about a five-second
silence before the music restarts.
*There's no visible barrier indicating why you can't leave the village.  A fence or hedgerow might be a good boundary-marker, with a player-touch event at the gate saying something like, "Wait, I can't go that way..."
*The autodash makes it difficult to "aim" your character. I missed the church door a couple of times, which is how I found out about the passability issue with the church wall.
*At one point, Bella wound up inside a statue.
*There's no explanation for the Frozen, Bramble or Soaked states. What do they do? How do you counteract them?
*Vivienne is too powerful for the first battle of the game. She wiped out my party in a couple of turns, not allowing time to get a hang of the battle system. And with no revive items/skills the battle is over pretty quick.
*During the opening scene, when Winnifred changes into the fire faerie, her faceset should change as well.  At first, I wasn't sure who it was. 

You may want to try Yanfly's message script, which allows for name boxes to show above text, so you know who's speaking.
*It freezes up if the characters aren't in the exact right position at the end of the Viv battle.
*The backgrounds are gorgeous.
*I love the text font.
*I noticed several rectangular symbols in menu text.  What are these supposed to be?
*When Winnifred wakes from the dream, she and Matthias are covered by the text box. Maybe wait a beat and have them move a bit so the player can latch on to where they are before the text shows up.
*Haste Spell needs an animation.
*I Love the Training Golem!  excellent idea!
*Are the book, teapot and letter on the floor, or is there supposed to be a table there?
*The "On Equipment" book doesn't do anything.
*Without the exp aspect, it seems rather pointless to have minor enemies out and about, unless you're looking specifically for drop items. Otherwise, why bother?
*The scrolling forest is confusing and difficult to navigate. I honestly didn't know it scrolled until I spotted the exit directly behind the entrance my second time in the forest.
*After Matthias leaves to get something for Bella, there is no indication on what the player is supposed to do.
*I had to restart the game a couple times, trying different things before I worked out I was supposed to take Bella and Matthias with me as the only way of advancing the story.  If you send Bella to bed and ask Matthias to get her some food, all you can do is wander around the forest.
*It wasn't until I checked the item menu that I found out what the Brambles were for. And I don't know why I need to repair the Bramble Whip.
*Where do we take the Brambles?
*When Gideon goes to talk to the priest, Matthias and Winnifred jump up on the altar.
*It's a touch awkward to open doors with the action key
*The Enchanted Forest music doesn't loop properly. There's no gap of silence, but there is a definite jump from end to start.
*After Gideon joins the party for the journey to Williamston and the scene shifts back to the manor, the other sprites start running around randomly like crazy people until you enter the house.
*Upon leaving the Forest, there's nothing to do. You can't go back, and none of the villages load.

This game does have a lot going for it especially the story! I REALLY want to know what happens next!
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Feb 24, 2014
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I downloaded this game a few days ago since the story description seemed very interesting. I've just started playing and it's already gone beyond my expectations!

The urgency at the beginning is great, and I love that the personalities are already clear.

Some issues:

-Passability behind the houses in the first area are strange, especially behind the triangular roofs. In some cases the tiles are all passable yet you can't move between them, as if there's an invisible wall between each tile. Also, one of the tiles turns Winnifred to face up even if you're moving down, so it looks like she's sliding. (image: )

-As others have mentioned, the church backside should be closed off:

-Consider blocking off these areas with hedges, etc.

-In battle if you press the right arrow pad too many times in the action selection it registers as you 'skipping your turn'. While that might be on purpose it's bothersome because it's really easy to accidentally skip your turn (which is deadly in the opening fight, as Vivienne is tough). Maybe put a text confirmation asking if you want to skip your turn?

Er, after someone called out "Madam...?" I apparently broke the event sequencing by clicking out of the game to type the above, so now the screen failed to fade in, lol. I'll give it another try at a later time, but the story is intriguing so far and has a lot of potential :)

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