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Feb 26, 2013
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So, as my demo is nearing completion, I think it's time to unveil my new main project.

I've been working on it for a couple of months now, taking inspiration from the old slogan used to describe the Squaresoft classic "Vagrant Story" - "Medieval Gear Solid".

The keywords I kept in the back in my mind when this game was on the drawing board, and still do throughout the production phase, are "Stealth Adventure RPG".

The game focuses on tactical stealth, navigating through dangers without being detected by the enemy, crouching in the shadows, behind tall grass, and using various skills and gadgets to circumvent whatever stands in your way - combined with adventure game style mechanics focusing on puzzles and item management.

Welcome to the world of Witchborn, a steam-punk/fantasy world filled with political intrigues, supernatural phenomenon, and wicked creatures lurking in the shadows.


Overarching Plot:

You are Benedict Grimlock, the last descendant and prodigy of the famous Grimlock family - a family that has been dedicated to the eradication of "unnatural" creatures for several hundred years - and an agent to The Confederacy.

After having spent time in seclusion, due to a botched mission 4 years ago, Benedict is once again called upon to take up his old code name "White Fox", and embark on a mission to stop The Confederacy from being plunged into war with its neighbor, The Empire, once again.

The politically and strategically significant Duchy of Cascaria, located on The Isle of The Elder(also known as The Cursed Isle) has been subject to a coup, a rebellion, orchestrated and lead by former members of Benedict's own previous military unit.

The Dukes family, a family forged through political marriage to signify the peace between The Confederacy and The Empire, have been kidnapped.

With the upcoming revision of the peace treaty between the two great powers, public knowledge of prior Confederacy soldiers having occupied the Duchy, would be a political nightmare.

Thus, "The White Fox", the only soldier with the knowledge and skills to defeat the former members of "S.I.U(Special Investigation Unit) Reaper", is dispatched to save the Duke's family.

Subplot 1:

In ancient times, there was once a race of being born from darkness, called "The Shahadrin", now commonly known as "The Elders".

These creatures were powerful beyond that of any other creature on the earth, and they possessed knowledge about the ways of reality beyond human comprehension.

However, they were petty and spiteful. They fought amongst themselves, and with time they become nearly extinct.

In the vacuum of power left in their wake, mankind took up the role of masters of the earth.

The Isle Of The Elder, today known as The Duchy of Cascaria, was once the home of an Elder.

For many hundred years, it has been the center for "unnatural activity" - rumors of creatures of the night roaming the isle are common to this day.

Some time ago, in the old mines on the island, miners came across some old ruins that seemed connected to The Elders.

After the ruins were unearthed, the occurrences have increased in frequency, and in nature.

The Church of The Confederacy, worried what this might herald for the future, demand that the Secondary Armed Forces(the military section devoted to dealing with "unnatural occurrences") of The Confederacy, dispatch a unit capable of special investigations into such matters.

Subplot 2:

Some decades before the incident in Cascaria, the Church of The Confederacy, in tandem with the Secondary Armed Forces, lead a nation-wide hunt for unnatural creatures, in an attempt at cleansing the land and making it safe for the good and god-fearing citizens of the lands.

The primary enemy was "The Witches of Elam" - a cult of humans capable of wielding magic achieved through dark rituals from the "Age of The Elders".

Many thousand people were rounded up and mercilessly killed for the common good.

One of the champions of modern morality and pure religious faith, was the Grimlock Family.

Final Note:

These three settings/plots, woven together make up the storyline of "Witchborn".

Follow "The White Fox" as he tries to stop to great nations from plunging into war, investigates the murky nature of "The Elders", and delves into his own past and his family's role on the witch hunts, and see how all these stories converge into one single climax.

(The Isle Duchy of Cascaria as seen in game)


(Tactical Map Overview of the isle)




The cast of Witchborn is rather large, and most of the characters central to the plot in such a way that going into too much detail here, risk spoiling some rather important story elements.

For this reason, I will remain brief here and only outline the characters in the most basic sense.

From Upper Left, to Lower Right -


Special Investigation Unit Reaper(Former Members)

Benedict Grimlock - The White Fox(main Character)

Eziel Darkgrow - The Black Fox

Ramza - The Silver Titan

Brodara - The Blue Owl

Medusa - The Red Panther

Poison - The Green Python

Frethe - The Void

Special Unit Fox Hunt

Ariel Emmet - Special Researcher


Special Unit Fox Hunt cont.

Alexander Roshark - Commander of Operations

Ann Mullins - Operations Coordinator

Mina Turner - Military Engineer

Lilly Roshark - Agent of The Secondary Armed Forces

Adam Hechkins - Quartermaster/weapons and equipment specialist

Milton Crass - Researcher, scholar and scientist


The Duke's family

John Barabast - Duke of Cascaria

Elizabeth Barabast - Duchess of Cascaria

Maya Barabast - Princess of The Confederacy Nation of Edelwin.

Features and Game-play

- Stealth based game-play - sneak by patrolling enemies using the crouch function, and by hiding in shadows, tall grass, within crates etc.

- QTE(Quick Time Event)/combo system - hunting, stealth kills and many other actions are available to you, and are executed by inputting button combinations, similar to that of fighting games like Street Fighter.

- Many interacting events and skills, such as stealing, picking locks or running away from your enemies once discovered - all done through a variety of button pressing games to test your mettle.

- Strategical one man combat that allows you to link attacks and use of skills in a single turn.

Large emphasis on elemental weaknesses and an ability to change equipment during battle makes for strategically challenging encounters.

(Note - no random encounters)

- Survival is a priority, so collect what you can find of valuables and hunt animals,so you have food to keep you up and going, and items to trade for money.

- Dynamic movement and orientation mechanics: Use of all buttons available. Jump, crouch, control the camera to look ahead to out-maneuver and out-wit your enemies.

- Plenty of additional non-combat related game-modes and skills to liven up your experience -

including but not limited to:

* Codec System - talk to your allies at all times through your special communication menu.

* Third Eye vision system - Allows you to see things you otherwise wouldn't.

* Flash Step - Move at warp speed, like a specter, and pass through otherwise impassable objects.

* And much much more.

- Branching, non-linear game-play with a linear character driven story. Chose how you want to play, what route to take, and how to get from point A to B. Choices you make impact how the characters relate to each other and effects how the plot develops.

Music and Art

As of now, most of it is not original apart from minor edits.

Most of the tiles are from Celianna, and other great artists from this site.

The music is mostly Sakimoto Hitoshi, edited and/or remixed by me, and a couple of additional tracks by me.

Needless to say, most of it is "under consideration", and as such, can be considered as placeholders for the time being.

Right now, the real crux is getting the game play, and the eventing down, and then I can take my time fixing and changing the art and the music afterwards if I feel it is necessary to improve the experience.


Title Screen


Intro Sequence






Codec System







Random Map



This will be filled out upon completion of the demo when I have a full overview over the people that needs to be credited.

Final Comments -

Demo will hopefully be up and running soon.

Thanks to everyone who clicked this topic, who left a comment, repped me, or showed support in any way shape or form.

Have a lovely day!


Nega Ralph™ (RM Tyrant)
Jul 15, 2013
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Looks interesting, I love that (HD like) effect on the sprites and tilesets, did you redo all the graphic with PS?

Anyway, good luck for your project, I'll keep an eye on this.


Biggest Boss
Feb 26, 2013
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Looks interesting, I love that (HD like) effect on the sprites and tilesets, did you redo all the graphic with PS?

Anyway, good luck for your project, I'll keep an eye on this.
I brushed up on them a bit using a combination of GIMP and paint.net.

Specifically the Gimp cartoon filter, and the paint.net glow filter for the facesets, and another

custom paint.net filter for the mapping.

Thank you for the comment! Hopefully I'll have my demo up in a couple of weeks, so be sure to check back!


May 31, 2013
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Very nice indeed, I will be sure to give the demo a try when released!

Faye Valentine

The Mapgician
May 2, 2014
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Hi. This game looks awesome, but it seems a lot of time has passed since the last update. Are you still working on this game?

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