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Jul 18, 2018
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This game is not currently under development but is in a playable state.

Withdrawal in the Thistly Islands is an RPG with turn-based combat and action farming income generation. The main character in the game is an elderly farmer, Rugged, who is separated from his wife by the malicious actions of beings called rebels. Eager to be reunited with his wife, Rugged sets off on an adventure with his new employee, Tough Hand.

Being a farmer, Rugged is able to use his skill at scaring away pests and rapidly sowing and reaping crops to earn the income it takes to pay for the regular expenses of adventure, such as food and tools. Tough Hand doesn't have Rugged's speed or experience at farming, but he does have strength, which comes in handy when weeds become hostile.

When hostile opponents are encountered, each combatant's speed affects the order in which intended actions must be revealed, with slower combatants tending to reveal their actions first. Once all combatants have revealed their intended actions, a turn of combat is resolved, with faster combatants tending to complete their actions first.

Characters can gain experience through farming or combat. Experience gained in combat depends upon the difficulty of the opponents and the actions of the characters. Thus, it is possible to gain experience through combat even when the player fails to defeat the opponents. Characters cannot, however, continuously accumulate experience without getting some rest.


Some say that everything—ordinary humans, powerful saints, even the vicious rebels—came from a single source. They say that the source gave the humans a mission to eradicate all the rebels. It was supposedly on account of that mission, at least in part, that pioneers first settled in the Thistly Islands.

Rugged has never paid much attention to such lore. He is much more interested in running his farm: slashing down weeds, planting seeds, and reaping a harvest. With Gentle by his side, he is living his dream.

Living a dream, however, is a lot harder than dreaming a dream. Running the farm takes a lot of work, and since his children moved away, Rugged hasn't been able to recruit a loyal helper. Now that he's hired Tough Hand, he's hoping his luck is about to change. Unfortunately for him, the change isn't what he was expecting.


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Rugged enjoys each day on the farm and each day with Gentle. Weeds and pests don't scare him, but losing the farm does. He's hoping that Tough Hand won't leave him as his children and previous workers did.

Actually, his biggest fear is losing Gentle. He knows he shouldn't worry, but he always gets anxious when Gentle leaves town on her own. What would he ever do without her?


Gentle is one of the most famous people on Base Island. Ever since she gained the power to heal injuries and cure diseases, she's had regular visits by people in search of healing. Not content just waiting for work to come to her, she routinely visits the neighboring towns to help those who can't leave home. She doesn't like to admit it, but all the healing actually drains her own strength. She should rest more than she does, but she secretly fears that she hasn't done enough to be worthy of such power.

tough-hand-full.pngTough Hand​

Tough Hand is Rugged's newest recruit. He has his doubts about a career in farming, but he figures it can't be worse than his last job. He felt totally unappreciated at the delivery service, constantly being criticized for a lack of speed, never commended for his ability to carry a heavier load than anyone else. He likes the way Rugged treats him and feels good about being wanted.


Save my farm!​

Pests gain energy, up to a limit, by eating plants. Each time you scare a pest, it will use up some energy running away from you. When its energy is gone, it will flee to its favorite escape route.

What was I doing? (What did she say?)​

In case you forgot what you were doing (or you missed some important dialogue), you may check what your party members are currently thinking about. Select the status option on the menu screen and then choose the character whose ideas you would like to check.

Failure is not an option...is it?​

Defeat in combat does not always end the game. Sometimes, the enemies just want to take some goods they value, such as food or weapons, allowing your party to retreat to a safe place for recovery. Certain areas, however, are inherently dangerous; defeat in such an area will end the game.

Weeds are tough.​

Chopping down weeds requires a farmer equipped with a scythe.

Need work?​

If you run out of money, have no items to sell, and can't farm, you might be able to find another job in Tranquil Flat that pays a little silver.

The tumbleweed has gone too far!​

If you regret pushing the tumbleweed to a certain place, you can reset its position by leaving the current town (or named area) and returning.

Shop faster.​

When selecting the quantity of goods to be bought or sold, you can hold the run button while pressing the up button to increase the quantity to the maximum. Hold run while pressing down to decrease the quantity to the minimum.

Sleep helps learning.​

Gaining a level requires two things, EXP and rest. When someone in your party has enough EXP to gain a level, head to a resting area and sleep there to experience the benefits of a level increase.

A Note on Energy​

Almost every action in combat requires a player to use some of the same energy that keeps a character going. Even dodging requires some energy. However, if it is already known that many enemies will be attacking a certain character, it might be an efficient use of energy for that character to dodge.

A Note on Money​

Income can be earned through farming, not through combat. The game was originally intended to also allow income generation through trade, so a player might notice that the prices of goods are not always the same when starting a new game. If I had finished making other towns, the prices would fluctuate as the player went from town to town, allowing the player to make a profit off of buying and selling at good prices.

A Note on Fighting​

Rugged is not the kind of person who likes to go around picking fights, but he is willing to fight back if attacked. In the game, the enemies always get the first strike. However, the number of enemies that get to strike first is limited to the number of active battlers in the party.

A Note on Enemies​

Although battles occur at random in this game, enemies are not unlimited everywhere. Defeat enough enemies in some areas, and the rebels will give up on bothering you there. The game was originally intended to also have areas in which defeating enough enemies would actually cause the rebels to send tougher enemies your way. The code for that feature was written, but the feature was not implemented in this version of the game.




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Mar 18, 2012
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@Yethwhinger This looks pretty interesting and I hope to be able to give it a try soon! I just wanted to say though, I've never quite seen a download link like that and it was a bit confusing to get it to download. Is there anyway to make a more simple download link?

(For anyone else wondering, I had to click on the pop out button in the top right of the box, then use the download button in the upper right.)


Jul 18, 2018
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I am sorry that the link was confusing. I think it has to do with the default preview behavior for the file type in Google Drive. I have uploaded an unzipped version to my Google Drive, but I think it still behaves similarly.
Unzipped WTI Link:

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