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Discussion in 'Tech Support-All Makers' started by FrostBytePhantom, Jan 8, 2018.

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    I have RMMV on Steam for PC, it works fine on my Windows 8 laptop but when I tried to install it on my Windows 10 desktop it either crashes constantly on start up or just stays as a blank window. I've tried restarting Steam, tried restarting the computer, I've uninstalled and reinstalled it several times, I've even tried validating the install in steam. I'd just stream it from my laptop to my desktop if the engine was properly optimized for it and or steam could handle it. Any ideas on what the problem is and how to fix it? Only thing I can think of left is that my drivers aren't up to date currently. OR its a problem with Windows 10 (just add it to the list of things wrong with Windows 10) I'd really appreciate any help, thanks ahead of time!

    PC Specs for anyone wondering:
    AMD Ryzen 7 1700x
    16GB DDR4 ram
    1050Ti 4gb
    Windows 10
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    "Whitescreen" is a known effects if your display driver either doesn't support OpenGL or has a too old OGL library. And problems with the display driver can also result in crashes, although that is more rare.

    So I suggest updating your display driver, especially making sure that you're not using Microsofts default drivers (OGL is a free alternative to DirectX, and Microsoft usually only supports its own DX)

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