The Survivalist
Jul 1, 2013
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A survival game, based in 2004.


Taking place in 2004, almost a mid-fantasy game, containing highly unreal events/

you take place as Jason Talos, a mid aged man surviving for his life in a forest.

When his car breaks down, he travels down a road to be greeted by 3 strangers,

he asks if he can get help, and they kindly direct him to a near by forest station.

What he doesn't know is that bandit control the road, and kidnap him, he awakes 

in a small little camp, not knowing where he is. he then escapes and tries to find his 

way back to the road and home. This is not a spoiler as the begging is just a story starter.

Characters are Jason Talos and Rohn Paul.



 -A bandit is a human who often uses a sword.

Highway Bandit-

 -Is a human who often uses a bow for long range and a machete for "hand to hand" combat

Bandit Leader-

 -Is the Tribe leader for the bandit group, often found one, to ever one to three camps depending on your search


  -A human who often uses bows and usually stronger and well prepared, often in groups spread apart in the woods, found to be lurking in ares with lots of trees or more occupied surroundings.


 -Can be sheered three times, used for making cloths to stay warm and to help keep you more protected.


 -Provide meats that can be cooked and eaten. 


 -As a fellow companion, this dog will be wondering around in a camp, after killing everyone in this camp you are able to add it to your party, it serves no purpose other than to follow you around,you wont need to worry about the dogs health and hunger, as the dog sleeps when you do, and eats when you do as well. the dog is more of a visual


 - A wild animal in which lurks the woods finding it's next prey, can be in counted not often, but is a great source for food.


 -A quick, dangerous, but good companion once tamed in a camp hold. Will lurk around and once spots you approaches to try and kill you.


 -A large! snake that wonders around the forest and will not make any communication with you unless feeling harmed.


 -This eight legged beast will wonder in caves snatching up on its prey


 -A flying creature in caves. No real threat unless low on health, more of a bother than a useful creature. Much like the famous 'Poke'mon' zubat. Practically harmless. No need to hunt them down, they drop little to no meat. But they're all over caves. So watch out.


 - A mythical creature lurking deep in caves. Usually equipped with duel weapons. A threat if not prepared.
Screen Shots;

Harvested Honeysuckel.jpg

You must harvest plants to survive!

Find treasures.jpg

Find hidden treasures all over the map!

a bandit camp.jpg

Find bandit camps throughout the woods as you explore!

Chase a bunny.jpg

Chase a bunny! or have it chase you!

Caught a fish!.jpg

Go fishing!

Gameover options.jpg

New gameover options!




-Time/ Day and night.

-Real time Combat.


-New Menu



-Hunger, Energy.

And many more!







-V.M of D.T

What needs to be completed

-Map            - 85%

-Events        - 40%

-Items           -85%

-Story           -43%

-Scripts         -88%

-Completion  - 62%

Woodlend title x3.jpg
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