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    Is their anybody with any good world map making skills? Can anyone show me their world maps? My map making skills are good but my world map skills are "meh". Here's what my world map looks like using RPG Maker MV (it's incomplete but I'm just not feeling it): 

    I just might use a sample world map and change it around a bit. Any advice from any fellow game makers will be helpful.

    Thanks in advance. 

    World Map.PNG
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    Think of your game world.

    Will the game take place at a planet region or to the whole planet?

    You can have more than one world maps. or just one. What will it be?

    Get a piece of paper and draw just a draft of where things will be.

    Draw the whole world.

    Then put numbers on each region.

    Those regions can be the world maps.

    World maps can be as simple as your map.

    Imagine Google Earth, As you zoom out, you see less and less details. There might be a lot of villages on mountains, but from a high altitude, it's just mountains.

    That is the concept of a world map really.

    Hope I helped you out to imagine how to work on them with more confidence.
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    The only reason I would create such a huge cohesive map is to give the player some sort of teleport overview. The practical worldmap would be more finely detailed zoomed in version on the relevant places. I can just imagine trying to travel back and forth on such a map. It would be a hassle, unless your story is designed to circumvent the need for travelling back and forth between places.  

    I should note that I prefer to create world maps were every tile counts towards the feel of the map, almost the exact opposite to yours.
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