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Oct 15, 2012
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World Maps

I tried to figure out how to make these an actual tileset... but I don't think it's possible without losing the organic look they have so I've decided to do it this way.
I attached both a .xcf file (GIMP) and .psd (photoshop).  I made it in gimp, so there's a chance you'll have to play with the layers a little to get it to work properly in photoshop... someone will have to test it and let me know.  The sheet has 20+ continents that you can cut/paste to make your own map.
Layers (from bottom to top)

  • Layer 1 - Base black/white image I used to make the continents, you shouldn't really need this unless you want to redesign them yourself or you can puzzle some together to make larger continents
  • Layer 2 - Map background - you can replace this with any blank image you wish, a quick google of "unrestricted aged paper texture" should get you a good amount of results
  • Layers 3-7 - Water, I divided it up so you wouldn't have to chop any of the water to get specific continents, you can change the opacity settings if you want it more blue, or take it off altogether if you don't want a water effect
  • Layer 8 - The colored continent base - you can change this to whatever color you'd like, I like tan/brown colors that resemble maps, but feel free to customize or color each continent differently for a different feel
  • Layer 9 - I gave them a little reddish texture, it can be removed if you don't like the effect
  • Layer 10 - I burned the edges of all the continents, this too can be removed if you don't like it
  • Layer 11 - The outline - I wouldn't recommend removing this, but you can change outline colors depending on your background, sometimes white can look nice or solid black.
  • Layer 12 and 13 - these are optional outlines opacity can be changed or they can be removed all together
Once you have the continents how you want... you need...

*I've had photobucket screw up my links before... so let me know if it messes them up*
I'll add more to this as I make them, but for now I have mountains, houses, trees, and some misc stuff.  I wasn't sure what I liked so I have both a plain version and a version with a glow effect to it, use whichever you like.
After that it pretty much just needs labels, I can't think of a realistic way to provide labels, so unless someone has a suggestion it shouldn't be to hard to find some interesting fonts and add labels to the image.
Eventually I'm going to make a set of compass roses to this, but for now there are several photoshop compass rose brushes that are very nice.

Oh, I almost forgot, if you're not a fan of the hand drawn style... I made these, pretty sure they also need to be parallaxed, i think some of the borders go over the 32x32 squares, but here's an edited RM world set: (Must have RMVXA to use this set)

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask me here or PM :)
Free for noncommercial use, for commercial use contact me for licensing
Please don't distribute without my permission, there's a decent chance I'm okay with it... I just like to know where my stuff is posted.
Can be Used:
For just about whatever purpose you want.  In RM or any other engine.
Let me know if you how you use them, I like to see pretty pictures :)

Oops... just realized that I forgot to scroll side to side on a few layers... a few of them have the side continents unfinished... I'll try to fix them soon
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General of Aurda
Dec 21, 2012
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This looks very impressive, excellent work. ^_^

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