Endless Combat Dungeon
Jul 31, 2019
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An NES-style action adventure RPG, based on titles such as Kid Icarus, Legacy of the Wizard and Legend of Zelda. A PS/Xbox or any Controller with 4 buttons or more is recommended.



This game stars Ajax, a cave-dwelling fellow who lives with his overbearing parents, but with the help of supernatural forces, he gets the chance to seek out his own destiny.


Near his home town to the East is the city of Duncaster, which is facing attacks from the fae people. There's also a mysterious plague which has put the town in quarantine, so no one is allowed in or out. Soldiers are sent by the emperor on skirmishes they have no chance of winning, and the princess has been kidnapped. Besides that, there's also rumors of an ancient lich lord rising again, which seers explain is the reason for the abundance of monsters.



There will be an open world, multiple endings, different approaches to situations and consequences based on your actions. If possible in the future, each play might have different rooms/traps/enemies or even treasures to add re-playability.
You kill monsters, earn fame, which unlocks special quests and upgrades to classes. You will be able to choose good or evil approaches, join the humans, the fae or no one. Maybe you'll wreak havoc everywhere you go?

There are 6 classes/jobs to choose from, and they all have different weapons and skills:

Bard - Smooth talker, haggles down shop prices and can bluff their way through situations. Their weapon is the rapier.
Wizard - Ability to read scrolls, runes, and uses spinning orb magic to attack. They also with a powerful magic ring of thunder.
Bishop - Ability to speak with spirits and exorcise them. Uses a holy cross as a weapon, which can also heal wounds.
Thief - Ability to see hidden, or trapped treasures. Their weapons are the throwing knives.
Fighter - Has prestige. Rulers and noblemen will hire them as a mercenary. Their weapon is the sword.
Druid - Ability to speak with plants and animals. Their weapon is the greatsword.


WASD / Arrow Keys - Move
Z / I - Menu
X / J - Sub-Weapon
C / K - Main Weapon
V / L - Confirm/Run


This game is obviously a work in progress, so it could be wonky, sprites might be missing, etc. Help me out with feedback/critique if it's about difficulty, or not being able to find where to go. Maybe even ideas you'd like to see? So far you can go as far as Duncaster, but no further.

You can try the demo here:

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Nov 27, 2013
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Played the demo for nearly an hour. I love it so far. NES Zelda is among my favorite games, so I appreciate the emphasis on challenging combat and exploration. Here are a few thoughts I had:
  • Difficulty felt just right. I was expecting it to be too hard when the first enemy I encountered killed me in 1 hit. (That slug just East of the Seers) But the rest of the enemies were no sweat and bordered on feeling too easy. Since this is just the first area, I don't think it needs to be any harder than it is unless you're shooting for NES difficulty.
  • I think I explored just about every area that I could. I don't recall any clear direction being given at any point but I was content to just wander around. Eventually stumbled into Duncaster.
  • Combat feels good and weighty. I really like it.
  • Slimes don't do any damage.
  • A lot of stuff I found in chests didn't show up in my inventory. As far as I can tell, drops like shards, magic potions, and monster hearts don't serve a purpose yet. Unless I'm missing something. I know it's an early build so I figured some of that stuff hasn't been implemented yet. I walked around killing enemies for fun but the lack of tangible rewards that show up in the inventory dampened that incentive.
  • Didn't encounter any critical bugs other than stuff being unfinished (mostly NPCs)
  • The worldbuilding and lore, although scarce at the moment, is interesting.
  • The pixel art is great!
Overall, this demo is really fun. I'm so excited to see where this game goes.

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